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What to Get a Guy for Christmas

What to Get a Guy for Christmas

What to Get a Guy for Christmas

Whether you’re after the best romantic gift for your boyfriend or husband, or you’re looking for the perfect personalized gift for your dad or grandpa, pinning down a present that’s both creative and meaningful doesn’t have to be a challenge. The best Christmas presents for him are those that he’ll use, especially if they cater to his unique tastes. Read on for our favorite home gifts for the guys in your life.


Bar Gifts for Mixologists

Silver bar tools set for making professional cocktails at home

Cater to his sophisticated tastes by helping him stock up the home bar. For beginning mixologists, pair a simple cocktail kit with a set of crystal highball glasses so that he can learn the basics. Look for sets that include a shaker, double-sided jigger, citrus juicer, long-handled stirrer, and muddler. If he already has all the tools of the trade but lacks a place to put them, bar carts provide plenty of display space for his decanters of amber whiskey, sculptural ice bucket, and serving glasses. For gift givers on a budget, a set of whiskey stones or a silicone ice mold are more than enough to impress.


Cooking Gifts for Home Chefs

japanese hammered steel chef's knife

Indulge in his love for cooking with a gift that will spark his creativity in the kitchen. Look for a kitchen gadget or tool that suits his favorite cuisine or technique. Is he a steak and potatoes kind of man? If so, then a smart-phone connected meat thermometer will help him get the right internal temperature every time. Perhaps he prefers mastering the art of French cooking. In that case, a freshly honed Japanese chef’s knife will make julienning vegetables for mirepoix a breeze. And if your guy adores the simple combo of carbs, red sauce, and cheese, consider a pizza making kit. He’ll love breaking out the pizza peel, oven stone, and rocking cutter whenever he gets the chance.


BBQ Gifts for Pit Masters

portable square bbq grill gift

‘Tis the season for well-seasoned BBQ. When you’re shopping for guys who grill, it’s important to give a gift that will enhance his experience. Well-crafted grilling tools with functional details are sure to please, while rustic serving boards and platters will up his plating panache. If he has plenty of space on the patio, then consider gifting a smoker grill. Not only do these home smokers pack a flavor punch, but they come at a variety of price points. That makes them a thoughtful gift for any budget.


Nerdy Gifts for Guys who Geek Out

green and black gaming chair

What may have been considered nerdy back in the day is why you like him so much now. For the nerdy guy in your life, give a gift that fits his hobbies. For sci-fi fans, consider giving framed artwork representing his favorite fandom, such as a reprint of the original Star Wars movie poster. And for guys who love a good board game, gift a card table that he can dedicate to his D&D nights. If he’s a gamer guy, updating his command station with a dedicated gaming chair is a bold move he’ll love. With many color schemes and styles available, you’re sure to find a chair that will help him get into the zone.


Spa Gifts for Guys who Self-Care

bathtub caddy with wine glass and tablet

Believe it or not, your guy’s rugged exterior takes lots of work to maintain. Give him a gift that makes his regular self-care routine that much better. He’ll delight in the lush feel of a fluffy microfiber towel as part of his morning skin care practice. If you’ve spied his collection of bath bombs, then consider giving him a bathtub caddy for Christmas. Many have cupholders and grooves to prop up a book or iPad, making them perfect for the guy who likes to get in a good read while having a soak. Make it a trifecta of spa gifts with a terry bathrobe that he can put on after his steamy bubble bath.


Man Cave Gifts for Den Designers

rustic man cave decor

We all know that guy. Maybe it’s the basement. It could be a backyard shed or the garage or perhaps even a small corner of the living room. Wherever it is, he’s dedicated that space to all things he finds manly. When picking out a gift for a guy with a man cave, the most important thing is to match his sense of decor. If his shed walls are lined with old license plates, then a vintage marquee sign from Route 66 will fit right in. Do his design sensibilities recall the dusty days of the wild west? Then he’ll dig walking across a rawhide rug in his favorite cowboy boots. And if your guy thinks of his man cave as more of a leather-lined study, go for a gift that can join his collection of biographies, such as a set of niche bookends.


Drinking Gifts for Home Brewers and Wine Connoisseurs

personalized shot glass gift

If you’re still unsure of what to get the guy on your list, beverage glasses are both simple and thoughtful. When deciding between personalized beer steins, stemless wine glasses, or a sweet stoneware coffee mug, pick a drinking vessel that he’ll use often. If he’s more of a party guy, then reusable solo cup style shot glasses may be more his jam than pinot noir glassware. Whatever you choose, he’ll raise a glass to you the next time he sips his favorite drink.


Workout Gifts for Guys with a Home Gym

stationary bike for home gym

Staying fit is a goal for many men, and the right home gym equipment can make keeping his New Year’s resolution a cinch. Stationary bikes and treadmills are popular choices, especially when winter weather prevents exercising outdoors. For guys that prefer lifting over cardio, consider giving a gift worth its weight. Kettlebells and adjustable dumbbells are ideal for home gyms due to their versatility. If your guy has his home gym well stocked with heavy things, consider giving a gift that will help him stay fit in other ways. Resistance bands, yoga mats, and meditation seats can all support his post workout recovery.

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