What to Get a Guy for Christmas

What to Get a Guy for Christmas

What to Get a Guy for Christmas
Shopping for the men on your Christmas list should be the easiest part of gift shopping. Generally speaking, men like any gift that helps them look good, feel good, or have fun. Think about his hobbies and give him some related gear, or consider his personal style and shop for his specific look. With that in mind, here are ten gift ideas that are perfect for guys.
What to Get a Guy for Christmas

Gift Ideas for Guys:

1. Watches

A watch is the perfect accessory for a guy. The variety of available watch styles and materials means there is a timepiece suitable for any man’s style. A classy metallic watch is a statement-making accent that can be paired with any outfit, from suits to khakis and polos. Smart watches and fitness tracking watches are the new accessories for the guys who love tech or fitness. If he needs a watch that can endure his activity level, durable athletic watches are the best option. Check out our guide to the 10 Best Men’s Watches for more help.

2. Camping & Hiking Supplies

Let him escape into the great outdoors with some camping and hiking gear. A lightweight tent and a sleeping bag are two camping essentials he’ll need to get started. Propane cooking stoves and portable dining sets will let him cook and eat conveniently while out on adventures, and insulated coolers will keep his food and drink cold until dinnertime. Fill a roomy backpack with a selection of other camping accessories, like a sleeping pad, first-aid kit, and lantern, to give him everything he needs for an overnight outdoor adventure.

3. Golf Equipment

If he can’t wait to hit the links after the snow is gone, get him some gear to up his golf game. A pair of new golf shoes will keep him stylish and comfortable while on the course. Combine new shoes with golf gloves, sunglasses, and a hat to complete the outfit. A small putting-green mat for practicing in his home or backyard is perfect for whenever he gets the golfing itch. If he still rents clubs or if he’s using old models, then buy him a new set of clubs to completely refresh his game. You can use our Golf Clubs Buying Guide to choose.

4. Media Streaming Device

From video games to cameras, guys love their gadgets. If he’s enjoys movies and TV shows, get him a streaming media device like a Roku or Apple TV. These devices connect directly to his TV or projector and stream content from services such as Netflix or YouTube. He’ll be able to catch all the newest episodes from his favorite shows and easily go back and watch things he missed.

5. Grooming Supplies

Help him put his best foot forward with some grooming supplies. Shaving accessories like razors, aftershave, and shaving cream are great options if he likes to maintain a clean-cut look. If he appreciates a quality scent to go with his outfit, find him an attractive cologne to enhance his natural magnetism. Being well groomed will help him look his best and boost his confidence.

6. Shoes

It’s important to have the right shoes for the right activities. Whether he needs a pair of formal shoes for his job or new athletic shoes for the gym, there are options to suit his style. Leather oxfords are great for dressing up with a suit or pairing with nice jeans and a sports jacket. If he usually dresses more casual, get him some comfortable sneakers he can wear anywhere.

7. Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are the easiest way to turn up the tunes wherever you go. Whether he’s sitting poolside or hiking outdoors, a portable Bluetooth speaker will let him take music on all his adventures. These speakers come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can choose the perfect one for him. Get him a rugged, waterproof speaker for outdoor parties and camping, or choose a large multi-speaker system for use at home.

8. Beer Glasses

Let him drink all his favorite craft beverages with a set of beer glasses. A simple set of glasses makes a great addition to a bar cart and allows him to drink with a few friends. Specialty glasses such as tall pilsner glasses or short glasses for stouts let him match his barware to his favorite drink. Get personalized beer mugs or pint glasses to create a unique gift just for him.

9. Action Cameras

For all his stories you have to see to believe, an action camera is the best way to capture every adventurous moment. These cameras can record high-quality video of all his action-packed activities, from scuba diving to snowboarding. Include accessories that let him attach the camera to a selfie stick or to his body and a case to store his camera when it’s not in use.

10. Clothes

As a kid, clothes probably were the last gift he wanted, but now they’re a gift he’ll really appreciate. Get him a few t-shirts or pants that will show his style, or help him stock up on new socks and underwear. If he needs clothing for playing sports or working out, you can find gym shorts and moisture-wicking shirts made from comfortable materials. From formal clothing to winter coats, he will appreciate the effort to keep him comfortable and looking good.