What Information to Put on Luggage Tags

What Information to Put on Luggage Tags

What Information to Put on Luggage Tags
Luggage tags are one of the most important travel accessories you can own. Whether you're going on a quick trip or flying internationally, luggage tags make identifying your luggage quick and easy. They are also essential in the event your luggage is misplaced. Determining the proper information to put on your luggage tags depends on the type of luggage you're carrying and how it will get to your final destination. Check our handy guide to make sure your luggage is prepared for your next travel adventure.
What Information to Put on Luggage Tags

Luggage Tag Info:

Checked Luggage

Ultimately you want to make retrieving your luggage an easy task, no matter where you are in your journey. For checked luggage, that means having two luggage tags per bag.

On the outside of your bag, use a sturdy tag in a color or pattern that is visible at a distance to make locating your luggage easier. Put your email address, first initial, and last name. Also, include a phone number where you can be reached during your travel. For privacy, limit the information list on an external luggage tag. If an airline needs additional information, they will look for a tag inside your suitcase.

On the inside of your suitcase, place a tag that is visible as soon as you open your bag. Include your travel destination, contact information for your destination, contact information for your return trip, and alternative contacts for your destination and hometown. This internal luggage tag may be used if your bag is lost or the external luggage identification is lost or destroyed.

Carry-On Luggage

Like your checked luggage, carry-ons should have two luggage tags. The tag on the outside of your bag should have your full name, flight information, and cell phone number. The tag on the inside of your bag should duplicate the information you placed in your checked luggage.

Keep in mind that a carry-on bag may become a checked bag at the gate if storage compartments become full before you board the plane. If traveling with a group, consider having everyone in your travel party use identical tags for all carry-on luggage. This way, anyone from your group who sees a bag without its owner will know it belongs to your party.

Children’s Luggage

When traveling with children, the goal is to provide enough information so that you can be reunited with your child, or their gear, as quickly as possible in the event you are separated.

Tags should have your name, en route contact information, emergency contact numbers, and itinerary information on them. Avoid placing your child’s name on these luggage tags for security purposes. Place these tags on your child, car seats, strollers, diaper bags, and backpacks. For added security, place your picture on each tag so you can be matched to your child easily. If your child is traveling with someone other than you, place your child’s first initial, last name, and the name of the adult responsible for your child on the tag.