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Watch Winders Buying Guide

Watch Winders Buying Guide

wood finish watch winder
wood finish watch winder

If you’re a lover of fine watches, protect yours and keep them running in top shape by using a watch winder. A watch winder lets you access your entire watch collection on the spur of the moment without worrying that your chosen watch has lost power or is no longer keeping time. Watch winders also protect and display your fine watches, so you can use them for convenience during travel. Take a look at some of the factors to consider when choosing your ideal watch winder.

Why You Need a Watch Winder

Automatic watches are designed to wind themselves using your natural arm and wrist movements throughout the day. If you don’t wear the same watch every day, however, your unused watches start losing power. As they lose power, they also stop displaying the accurate time. If you’re a watch connoisseur with a collection of fine watches you rotate with your wardrobe, a watch winder is necessary to keep all your watches ready to wear without running the risk of being late.

Directionality Features of Watch Winders

A watch winder helps your automatic watch retain power by rotating it on a wheel or turntable to mimic the movement of your wrist. Check out the directional features of the watch winders you’re considering. The better kinds, such as Rolex watch winders, let you preset the rotational schedule to the specifications of your watch. This feature is especially important if you plan to store your watches for a long time.

If you’re choosing a watch winder with slots for multiple watches, make sure each turntable can be set to its own schedule of rotations. Also, check the specifications of your watch to see if it prefers a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.

Other Important Features to Consider

As you look at watch boxes with watch-winding capabilities, check out the quality of the motor. The better the motor, the longer it’s likely to last, and the quieter its operation is likely to be. Electronic circuitry is a sign of a high-quality winder, and noisy operation is a sign of a poor one. A lower-quality watch winder can stress the delicate machinery inside your expensive watch.

Another feature that can make a difference, especially for a very fine watch, is the watch winder’s timer. Remember, fine automatic watches stay wound through the tiny, sporadic natural movements of your wrist, so constant movement on the part of a watch winder can also stress the watch’s contents. Look for a timer that gives you precise control over your winding.

Aesthetic Considerations When Buying a Watch Winder

Fine watch winders may also serve as watch cases for putting your collection on display. Watch boxes for men are often made from premium wood that’s been kiln-dried to prevent warping or cracking. Look for a wood finish that complements your bedroom or dressing room decor, and check the bottom of the case to make sure it’s felt-lined to protect the surface of your dresser. The interior should be lined with a soft fabric and contain enough slots for all your watches.

Watch Winders for Travel

If you plan to take your automatic watches on the road, pick up a slim watch winder with enough slots to hold the watches you bring with you. A battery-operated watch winder can continue to work even while it’s packed away in your carry-on luggage, and a sturdy design can protect your watches from any jostling that occurs during transit.