Glamilistic Bedroom Designed With Vanessa Deleon

Glamilistic Bedroom Designed With Vanessa Deleon

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With Vanessa Deleon
Brand Ambassador

Vanessa is founder of the award-winning Vanessa Deleon Associates, a high-end interior design firm based in New York. Vanessa’s interior design is inspired by her Cuban roots and the art deco style that so strongly influences her culture. This, coupled with her innovative sensibility and keen eye for detail, has resulted in her signature design style, GLAMILISTIC, where she combines streamlined minimalism with glamorous details. Vanessa started her TV career on HGTV’s “Design Star” and has since been a regular on design shows like NBC’s “American Dream Builders,” the CW’s “Terry Crews Saves Christmas,” and Food Network’s “Restaurant Impossible.”


How It Came Together

Chic Textures

Velvet and silks are always sexy and chic in the bedroom. I love a wallpaper, whether it’s a faux wood, marble, or metal. Area rugs and lots of pillows help create the mood. And upholstered beds are my go-to. It depends on the style of the backdrop – if it’s boho chic, then drape a canopy across a wooden frame. If it’s more my glam fusion where 20s meets 2030, then I like lots of swanky layers.


As a Gemini, I need symmetry. End table heights have to be proportional. I don’t like when nightstands are uneven because then the table lamps look disconnected. That curated boho look works for clients, but for me it has to be a little more exact.

I studied feng shui, so as a guiding principle, it’s okay if you have one heavy element in a space, but if it’s a shared, mutual space, even out that balance.

Multifunctional Furniture

Everything has to be a twofer. How does this piece serve this, that, and the other. For example, in a bedroom, bar carts can make great vanity pieces for all your pretty, curated perfumes and makeup palettes. Or depending on your style, this could be natural place for a laptop. You can easily bring a chair into the bedroom for a workspace. A bar cart can also be a storage end table for books if you read at night.

Mixing Old & New

To take a space from Art Deco to modern, mix the eras. I pair a minimalistic bed with square, chunky end tables and an art deco headboard. You might bring in a large, painted canvas with paint splatter. Mixing must look intentional and symmetrical. There has to be flow for it to look trendy, so there has to be a reason why the color and geometry of a piece is used. And you need an anchor. It makes a happy, cohesive space.

Home Design Tips With Vanessa Deleon

What is the first thing you want people to say or feel when they enter your home?

I want them to feel like they’re in some swanky hotel. Like even if it’s not their style or cup of tea, they can appreciate and recommend it. The overall look and theme has to be swanky-chic. For me, that’s combining different materials – a dark accent on the ceiling, a marble trim around the threshold, antique mirrors, or a sconce that’s juxtaposed to the style. I take a whimsical approach to design.

How do people describe your style?

I’m inspired by my Cuban roots, so I incorporate lots of art deco style and pops of color. They’re what set me apart. Sure, black-and-white is neutral, and it’s forever — but sprinkle in lavender and hot pink! I love unexpected, bold layers. Even if I strip a look down to appear more classic, it still has to have a punch. That’s possible without going over the top, like pairing a dress with sneakers. My style is like if Uptown 5th Ave meets downtown boho chic Village. It’s glamilistic.

Do you have a go-to material?

I love all-natural marbles. It could even be quartz. But I love natural veining and the nature of stone – that something can be taken from a rock to create a beautiful piece, whether it’s a countertop or nightstand. My favorite item in my home is my coffee table that I designed – it has marble in it! It’s rectangular and acrylic and inside are round marbles with mixed gold and silver balls.

Favorite design era?

Art deco. I love the use of the angles and curves and overall great Gatsby vibes. You have a lot of iconic shapes you can play with for fluid, organic movement, whether it’s used in your headboard, or accomplished with artwork. I love that curves are trending and coming in hot!

Is there a public space you have been to or stayed at that you have loved? (hotel, museum, tv/movie set?)

So many! I love the Four Seasons in Surfside, Florida. There’s a nod to Art Deco, but with modern undertones. Lots of texture, wallpaper, and emeralds. And rich finishes that don’t look like they should work, like terracotta with a shag rug and pretty marble. Another oldie but goodie is the Waldorf Historia. There’s something nostalgic about its baroque-glam approach.

Color preferences?

I love emerald, but my go to is black and white. Coco Chanel said it best: No matter what year it is, a little black dress will look timeless. That’s my baseline for design. Layer classics with what’s cool for the time. I don’t like to use primary colors in a space together. For example, I wouldn’t use red, yellow, and blue together because it doesn’t look sophisticated. But you can use them together to be kitschy and fun.

Any trends you don’t like?

I’m over mirrored furniture, but I don’t mean baroque pieces. Sometimes I like an antique mirror above a modern dresser with a handle that plays off the finish of the mirror’s frame. I like what’s playful and flirty. It’s my personality. Design shouldn’t be that serious unless it’s a serious space.