Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

A mens outfit & watch, great Valentines Day gift ideas for him
A mens outfit & watch, great Valentines Day gift ideas for him

Forget the flowers and chocolate, and treat the man in your life to an extra special gift this Valentine’s Day. Finding the perfect gift is sometimes difficult, but remember that you can’t go wrong with a thoughtful, personal, and romantic present during this holiday devoted to all things love. If you’re looking to give your significant other a truly memorable Valentine’s Day gift, here are a few suggestions.

Fashionable Men’s Watches

Watches are often used as a statement piece for men. Much like women with jewelry, men choose to wear a watch that matches their lifestyle. While those living a more active lifestyle may prefer a waterproof, digital sports watch, men headed to the office or out to meetings all day may appreciate a designer, luxury watch. Choose between digital, automatic, and possibly a skeleton model if your man appreciates a watch’s intricacies.


A good-scented cologne can leave a lasting impression on everyone a man encounters, but choosing a cologne is difficult, and that’s why it’s best to already know what brands and scents your Valentine likes. Start by narrowing down the type of scent you want to purchase, such as floral, woody, fresh, or oriental. Then, decide on the strength. A parfum lasts up to half a day, while standard cologne must be reapplied every two hours. If you know of a scent that embodies your partner, then cologne is a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Cozy Sweaters

Nothing says “come and cuddle with me” like a soft and warm sweater. When the weather is cold, fleece-lined or merino wool sweaters are a must. Cashmere is also a great option if you’re looking to give the gift of extra softness and heat retention. Sweater styles vary as much as the material they are made from, but you can never go wrong with a classic crew neck or quarter zip variety, especially if you purchase a versatile solid color and pattern. A cozy sweater is a romantic gift because it shows your Valentine that you care about his comfort and his style.

Cuff Links

Fads in men’s jewelry come and go, but an attractive pair of formal or simple cuff links never goes out of style. If you prefer personalized gifts, then cuff links are a great article to engrave. Keep in mind that though the design is what catches your eye, the closure is an important feature to consider. Some men prefer a button back, while others like the feel of a bullet or whale back. Cuff links combine purpose and style, making them a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

New Electronics

If your man can’t wait to get his hands on the newest technology, then new electronics are the way to his heart. The latest televisions and wireless speakers are optimized to sync with smartphones and music devices, so he can mix and match devices to his heart’s content. Alternately, consider wearable technology that matches form and function, such as watches, heart rate monitors, and smart glasses. Compare brands and capabilities to find the perfect electronic toys for your partner.


Barware is special Valentine’s Day gift for men that enjoy sipping on good whiskey or pouring their specialty beer into a tall Pilsner glass. High-quality barware enhances the taste of your beverages, so find the glasses and accessories that match your partner’s drinking style. High ball glasses and copper Moscow Mule mugs can add flair to a bar stocked with traditional pints. Add an insulated ice bucket, tongs, and molded ice-cube makers to round out his collection.