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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

red quilted bedding, a valentine's day gift idea for men

As Valentine’s Day nears, love is in the air. You’re eager to find a surprising Valentine’s Day gift for men that shows just how much you adore your SO from head to toe. Home in on a thoughtful present he’ll love with these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.


Go Big With a Fancy Appliance

espresso machine, cappuccino, americano and cookies, valentine's day gift for men

Heat things up this Valentine’s Day and make his chef dreams come true. He can embrace his inner barista with a deluxe espresso machine or coffee maker. Or perhaps he’ll unleash the pit master when you give him a smoker for Valentine’s Day. You can even incorporate this Valentine’s Day gift for your man into your date plans: offer to bring the drinks if he cooks up dinner.


Raise a Glass of His Favorite Boozy Bev

four specialty beer tasting glasses valentine's day gift for men

Cheers to a love that lasts! As a Valentine’s Day gift idea for him, give your sweetheart some barware to match his boozy beverage of choice. Glassware of any kind makes a lavish gift that doubles as a reminder you know your Valentine’s taste. Create a local craft beer flight at home with a set of specialty beer glasses, or go fancy with delicate wine glasses that suit his favorite type of wine. Break out the cocktail kit and take a virtual mixology class together to up your bartender game.


Spoil Him With a Spa Day

stack of turkish cotton towels valentine's day gift for men

You’ve got the massage part covered. Just add in luxury bathrobe, fluffy hotel-style towels, and some lotions and potions to turn the apartment into the day spa. Complete this spa package with a printed menu of procedures. From an Epsom salt foot soak to a hot rock back massage, your man will be in “ahhhh” of your Valentine’s Day gift idea for him.


Get Cuddly With Extra Blankets

quilted weighted blanket valentine's day gift idea for him

Nothing says I love you like a big, warm embrace. When you give a weighted blanket as a Valentine’s Day gift for men, you’re basically wrapping your SO in a giant hug. Weighted blankets come in plenty of styles and materials, from fuzzy faux fur to drape over the couch to cozy comforters to add to the bed linens. Some are heavier than others, so look for a blanket that is approximately 10% of his weight. This ratio provides the most relaxing benefits while staying soothing and comfy.


Upgrade His Cookware for Kitchen Creativity

cast iron wok with stir fry, a valentine's day gift idea for him

If your significant other likes to cook but can’t stand his low-quality pots and pans, consider giving him an upgrade. An enameled Dutch oven works wonders for layered lasagnas and hearty stews, while a naturally non-stick skillet is just as comfortable frying eggs on the stove as browning corn bread in the oven. You can even find cast iron pizza pans and woks, perfect for recreating restaurant-style cuisine at home. With a set of cast iron cookware as a Valentine’s Day gift for him, he’ll want to cook every meal, even if it’s technically your turn.

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