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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

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When Valentine’s Day comes around, a simple card or teddy bear just isn’t enough to show how much you love your special someone. The best Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend or wife should embody decadence and dedication. Whether you pick something tried and true or novel and original, she’ll love these Valentine’s Day gifts for her as much as she loves you.


Fancy Glassware to Toast to Your Love

coupe glasses valentine's day gift for her

Raise a glass to your dearest with a Valentine’s Day gift that’s as effervescent and pretty as she is. Pick out a pair of toasting glasses, then break out the bubbly for a toast. Or give a duo of beer mugs for sharing the home brew you make together. Whatever glassware you choose, just remember to pick a set of two. That way it’s a Valentine’s Day gift for her that symbolizes your everlasting partnership.


Fresh Bedding for Valentine's Day Snuggles

pink plush comforter valentine's day gift for wife

Treat your partner to luxurious comfort while also getting credit for giving a great Valentine’s Day gift for her – and you! A new mattress topper, blanket or sheet set sends a tender loving message while also helping you both achieve better sleep every night. If she tosses and turns, give a memory foam mattress topper that helps her sink into a soothing night’s sleep. And if you’re a notorious blanket hog, pick out an extra quilt or plush blanket for her side of the bed so that she doesn’t get left out in the cold.


A Valentine's Day Vase for a Bouquet of Roses

propagation vases valentine's day gifts for her

When you’re picking out a Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend or wife, think classic. It’s tough to go wrong with a bouquet of red, pink, and white flowers. Take this time-tested Valentine’s Day gift for her up a notch when you arrange those dozen roses in a stunning vase that she can use all year long. Glass vases offer timeless beauty, not unlike your loved one. Ceramics, on the other hand, prove that imperfections are gorgeous, too. Whichever vase you choose, she’ll use it for each new bouquet you give her.


Fluffy Towels for a Valentine's Day Spa Date

pink plush towels valentine's day gift for her

Nothing says romance like feeling pampered. Swaddle your loved one with coziness when you give her a soft, sumptuous robe and giant, fuzzy bath sheet this Valentine’s Day. Look for premium materials, such as Turkish cotton and microfiber, to ensure she feels spoiled. Slip a redeemable massage coupon – fulfilled by you, of course – into the robe pocket to turn this set of bath essentials into a full spa day for the ultimate Valentine’s day gift for her. Choose a matching set for yourself so you can both cozy up in style and feel your stress melt away.


Framed Memories of Past Valentine's Days

white marbled photo frame with black and white photo of couple

Picture your first date, your first shared vacation, or just being goofy together. Now picture those memories printed on shiny photo paper and set in a beautiful frame. Cater to your wife’s sentimental side when you give a framed photograph as a Valentine’s Day gift for her. Whether you pick a glam gold or subtle wood frame, this gift will demonstrate your thoughtfulness and remind her of you each time she sees it.

With a sentimental Valentine’s Day gift for her wrapped up in red and pink, you’re all set for the biggest date night of the year. Looking for a gift that’s more eclectic than traditional? Read our Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts guide for more ideas.