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Upgrade Possibilities for Your Laptop Computer

by Paul Sanders

Woman typing on her upgraded laptop computer

Saving money on computers is often as simple as extending the life of your existing devices. By upgrading laptops, you can extend the useful life of your portable computer by several years, which can delay the costs of buying new and allow laptop computer prices to come down even further. Here are some upgrades you might consider to improve the performance of your laptop computer. If you decide to purchase a new, cheap laptop computer, you can increase its capabilities through upgrading as well.

Laptop Computer Upgrades:

  1. Laptop batteries: You might not notice it, but your laptop probably doesn't stay charged as long as it used to. The loss of battery life happens as the battery ages, shortening as you run and recharge you laptop computer. Cheap laptop computers often come with low-quality batteries, as well. Upgrade your battery with a compatible laptop battery that has a higher milliamp hours (mAh) rating, if possible.

  2. System memory: Your laptop computer uses system memory, or RAM, to run programs and speed up calculations; if it's been slow lately, you can add to or replace the laptop memory. Upgrading the memory will be a simple procedure you can do yourself, and the new memory will make your laptop computer seem like new again.

  3. Hard drive: Sometimes, you simply need a little more storage to hold files, photos and larger programs. Hard drives are easy to access on most laptop computers, which makes them an ideal upgrade item. Hard drives keep getting cheaper, too, so this can be an inexpensive laptop upgrade.

  4. Operating systems and software: Your hardware may be fine, but the functionality of your laptop computer may be lacking. A newer operating system can allow you to use newer programs and access new features for networking, file sharing and organization. New tools can add image-editing, office and money-management functions to your laptop computer.

  5. Laptop accessories: Comfort and convenience have a lot to do with how satisfied you are with your computer. By adding a few accessories, you can solve common ergonomic issues that are common to laptops, as well as multiply the number of connection ports. A USB mouse or laptop desk may be all you need to make your laptop computer easier to work on.

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