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Updated Americana Style

Americana decor celebrates American heritage by drawing inspiration from United States history and culture with elements like vintage signage, patriotic colors, and nostalgic items. While other vintage designs like farmhouse and shabby chic grow in popularity, Americana is a homegrown design that never seems to go out of style. This versatile decor scheme can evoke everything from boho vibes to industrial chic lines. Keep reading to learn how we achieved the new Americana look and get tips on how you can bring it into your own home.

americana color palette americana home decor ideas

Americana Color Palette

This isn’t your grandma’s Americana house, decked out in Fourth of July decorations year-round. This updated color scheme is proud, but not loud. Here, dusty red, faded grey-blue, and cream offer muted versions of classic patriotic hues. These tones open up room to play with varying shades that can either give your Americana home a structured feel or eclectic intrigue.

Americana Decor Essentials

patriotic decor americana home decor ideas

Patriotic Decor

Stars and stripes are the heart and soul of patriotic decor, so pull in subtle patriotic elements that put a spin on tradition. This framed American flag painting is just the ticket when it comes to an eye-catching accent piece that displays American pride without being too flashy.

vintage decor americana home decor ideas

Vintage Decor


While this look is updated Americana, vintage accents lend an old-school edge that makes any home feel lived-in. Since Americana is the patriotic cousin of farmhouse and shabby chic, vintage accents are a perfect nod to these rustic roots.

industrial elements americana home decor ideas

Industrial Elements

Many versions of Americana decor are driven by colonial influences. However our version embraces America’s industrial roots as one of the starring influences in this decor scheme. Industry and innovation are key players in American heritage, so we incorporated elements like iron, steel, and weathered wood to add an industrial edge to the look.