Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts to Surprise Your Sweetheart

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts to Surprise Your Sweetheart

When you have a Valentine that’s as original as your significant other, not any gift will do. Sure, chocolate truffles are tasty, but you want to go the extra mile with a truly surprising Valentine’s Day gift. Embrace the unexpected and dive into the eclectic with these unique Valentine’s Day gifts.


Throw Blankets for Valentine's Day Cuddles

chunky chenille blanket unique valentine's day gift

You don’t have to be chilly while you Netflix and chill. For those February date nights in, a comfy throw is the best Valentine’s Day gift to inspire snuggles. Splurging on a luxurious fabric like cashmere or chenille will let your crush know you “fancy” them. And if you want this Valentine’s Day gift to be truly unique, pick out a one-of-a-kind quilt or chunky hand-knit blanket to show that your love is unlike any other.


Quirky Salt and Pepper Dishes to Savor the Little Things

a table with salt and pepper bowls

For true originality, salt and pepper shakers make a unique Valentine’s Day gift that’s both practical and decorative. Whether you choose your Valentine’s favorite animals or TV characters, a whimsical seasoning accessory will surely charm your dearest. Sweeten the deal when you also give a virtual cooking class or a year of a meal delivery service. Then break out the cute salt and pepper shakers as you prep fancy meals together.


Unique Sculpture Gift to Set Your Love in Stone

mini bronze sculpture depicting an embracing couple

If you can’t see your Valentine every day, give them a trinket for their office or home that reminds them of you. When choosing a statue, figurine or sculpture, consider size first. If they have plenty of shelving space in the study, go for a large, heavy piece that can serve as an accent or a bookend. If they’re desk workspace is cramped, err on the smaller side with a petite figurine that packs a sentimental punch. Whether you choose an elegant soapstone lovers’ knot or a bronze cast of a kissing couple, your SO will appreciate this unique Valentine’s Day gift.


Planter Gifts to Watch Your Romance Bloom

matching white planters with gold stands for a unique valentine's day gift

Twinning isn’t just for your date night outfits. As a unique Valentine’s Day gift, pick out matching pots to display your house plants. Then choose two new plant babies to represent your distinctive personalities. You’re prickly yet lovable while they’re soft and understanding, so plant a moon cactus and a hoya heart plant in two mini terracotta pots. Because you both exude unending love for one another, pick two cascading plants, such as a string of pearls succulent and a heartleaf philodendron. When you plant them in elevated pots or hanging planters, your love will become central to your home’s decor.


Bath Caddy Valentine's Gift for Spa Day Romance

acrylic bathtub caddy with gold handles topped with bath salts, bath bomb, and candles: unique valentine's day gift

Help your SO get the most out of spa night when you give a Valentine’s Day gift that’s as unexpected as it is functional. Bathtub caddies make reading a book or binging sitcoms in the bath a cinch. Whether it’s a cup holder for their glass of pinot or a groove for propping up the iPad, you’re sure to find a caddy with features to match your partner’s needs. To take this unique Valentine’s Day gift to an even bubblier level, wrap up a collection of bath bombs and champagne, too, for a fun take on self-care.


Measuring Spoon Gifts to Add a Dash of Love

jar shaped measuring spoons full of sugar on a counter

They say you can’t measure affection. But why not give your partner a unique Valentine’s Day gift that helps them add a dash of love to their favorite recipes? When you pick out a set of measuring cups and spoons, they’ll think fondly of you with each ¼ teaspoon of salt and ½ tablespoon of vanilla. If your SO already has a well-loved set, a delicate or artistic collection of measuring spoons can double as quirky kitchen decor. They’ll love that you support their hobbies, and you’ll enjoy getting to taste the love in each batch of cookies.

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