Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts
A couple holding hands.
Blue, red, gray, and tan throw blankets

Throw Blanket for Cozy Cuddles

You don’t have to be chilly while you Netflix and chill. For those February date nights in, a comfy throw is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to inspire snuggles. Splurging on a luxurious fabric like cashmere or faux fur will let your crush know you “fancy” them.

Glass terrarium with a ceramic base.

Terrarium to Keep Love Alive

For a Valentine that doesn’t take themselves or the holiday too seriously, a trendy terrarium can be a cute gift to “plant” seeds of affection and “grow” your love. Consider an empty terrarium your partner can customize or layer your love fern with an assortment of thoughtful trinkets, like love notes or cute figurines.

Glasses and barware on a bar cart

Glasses and Barware for Sophisticated Sipping

Cheers to a love that lasts! Gift your Valentine with barware to match their favorite boozy beverage. Glasses are a lavish gift that double as a reminder you know your Valentine’s taste. Break out the barware over a homecooked meal for an especially extravagant evening or take a mixology class together to up your bartender game.

Tan leather, white linen, and black leather weekend bags.

Weekend Bag for Travels Together

A gorgeous, well-made tote is an exciting Valentine’s gift because it holds the promise of adventures to come. For a truly romantic gesture, toss in plane tickets and a hotel reservation to a surprise location. You can even fill the bag with gorgeous garments suitable for the trip.

Pink and white journal with pencils. Image Provided by Plush Design Studio

Scrapbook and Polaroid for Making Memories

A scrapbook and Polaroid are great gifts for Valentines who are avid writers and photographers. Mixed media gives them a beautiful way to express themselves and record meaningful moments from your relationship. Choose a scrapbook or journal that reflects your Valentine’s personality and include materials to get them started. Craft a few pages yourself to really wow them.

White earring holder

Jewelry Holder for Treasures to Come

A gorgeous jewelry box or decorative dish can be a practical yet thoughtful Valentine’s gift, especially when you use it to expand your partner’s collection of accessories. Add a few new pieces of jewelry to the hooks, drawers, and compartments. Be sure to leave some space and make it a Valentine’s tradition to amp up their assortment.

White robe hung on bathroom door.

A Robe and Slippers

Nothing says romance like feeling pampered. A soft, sumptuous robe and pair of fuzzy memory foam slippers are a unique Valentines gift to swaddle your loved one with the gift of comfort. Choose a matching set for yourself so you can both cozy up in style and feel your stress melt away.

Bath tub with a bath board, candle, and sponge. Image Provided by At Home With Ashley

At-Home Spa Treatment for Well-Deserved Rest

Supplement their robe and slippers with skin products and treatments. You can’t go wrong on Valentine’s Day with a gift basket full of face masks, lotions, and bath salts. Amplify your partner’s relaxation with a foot spa, magazine, and favorite movie for a full day of pampering.

unicorn salt and pepper shakers

Unique Salt and Pepper Shakers to Savor the Little Things

For true originality, salt and pepper shakers make a quirky gift that’s both practical and decorative. Whether you choose your Valentine’s favorite animals or TV characters, they’ll be charmed by their whimsical new seasoning accessory. Sweeten the deal with a cooking class or a year of a meal delivery service you can prep together.

White picnic basket on a blanket Image Provided by Kristina Paukshtite

Picnic Basket for First Date Feels

A cute picnic basket full of goodies is the perfect start to a Valentine’s Day date, or even a burgeoning relationship. Spend the morning baking heart-shaped treats or stock up at the grocery store for ready-made romance.

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