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Types of Shoe Storage Solutions

Types of Shoe Storage Solutions

Shoe storage bench filled with shoes
Shoes can be a pain to store, but the right closet storage solutions will help you keep your shoes neatly organized and allow you to make the most of your closet storage space. You can find several different kinds of shoe storage solutions that will work in your home, though each has its strengths and weaknesses. Keep reading to find out more about the different types of shoe storage solutions and which one will work best in your home.
Shoe storage bench filled with shoes

Shoe Storage Solutions:

Shoe storage bench with shoes

Shoe Storage Bench

Shoe storage benches are a popular way to store shoes, especially in an entryway. They keep your shoes organized and also give you a place to sit when you’re putting on or taking off your shoes.


Shoe benches usually come in one of two styles. The first is really a simple storage bench with a lid on top that allow you to drop shoes inside. These are a great choice if you want your shoe bench to double as a place to put things like backpacks and gloves. If you want a shoe storage bench that only stores shoes, then consider buying the second type, which has a grid of cubby holes that each hold a pair of shoes.

Shoe storage rack

Shoe Storage Rack

If you only need to store a few shoes, then a shoe rack may work best for you. A typical shoe storage rack is a set of tiered shelves that sits close to the floor. Shoe racks allow you to keep several pairs of shoes stored neatly in a small area, the perfect thing for a bedroom or entryway that doesn’t see a lot of traffic. Shoe storage racks come in a variety of different finishes, so it’s easy to find one that matches your decor.

Over-door shoe rack

Over-door Shoe Rack

If floor space is a serious issue wherever you plan to store your shoes, then buy an over-door shoe rack. Over-door shoe racks usually hang over a closet or bedroom door and have either slots in which to tuck shoes or knobs from which to hang shoes. While over-door shoe racks probably aren’t ideal for entryways, they can be a good shoe storage solution in bedrooms or small apartments.

Shoe cabinet

Shoe Cabinet

When you want to store a lot of shoes and you have a lot of space in your room or closet, a shoe cabinet can be a great addition to your bedroom. Shoe cabinets are usually the size of a narrow chest of drawers, but they have cabinet doors on the front with shelves inside on which to set your shoes. Shoe cabinets are nice because they can hold a lot of shoes and can also be used to store other items. Shoe cabinets are generally nicely lacquered and finished, so they match bedroom decor well.

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