Get the Look: Types of Rug Styles You Should Know

Get the Look: Types of Rug Styles You Should Know

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Since a rug is often the focal point of a room, choosing a rug style can feel intimidating. The good news is we've gathered a complete list of rug styles to help you unify the look of your home. Browse a variety of colors and textures to guide your choice, and find a rug that reflects your personal tastes.
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    Bohemian Rugs

    If you feel a call to be bolder, bring the worldly influences of a bohemian-style rug into your home. With a trellis, tribal, or Persian patterned rug, your friends will be tempted to draw up a floor cushion and center their chakras. For a cozy meditation room where you'll serve up kombucha, this is the rug style you've been waiting for.

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    Modern & Contemporary Rugs

    If the thought of choosing one style seems paralyzing, go with what's on the up-and-up. Use a contemporary rug for a classy, urbane way to say you're not too flashy, but you're clearly sophisticated. Rely on solid blocks of color, overlapping circles, and florals. They'll provide a stark backdrop to your discussions of Basquiat and hide those pesky stains of Sauvignon Blanc. See our stylist's favorite Modern Rugs

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    Glam Rugs

    Glam style is inspired by pretty, extravagant things, so decorate with a shag rug for the equivalent of a pink peony or a white tea rose. A plush, posh rug is perfect for lounging with a trashy magazine and a bottle of rosé. Faux fur, animal prints, or geometric designs are glam patterns for a rug that turns heads like Audrey Hepburn.

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    Mid-Century Rugs

    Mid-century rugs typically have a deep and textured pile that you can sink into while you kick back with an old-fashioned and your favorite vinyl records. Choose from a retro palette of pumpkin orange, mustard yellow, and avocado green so you can lean into nostalgia as much as your Eames chair.

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    Industrial Rugs

    After a long day in the urban jungle, you'll just want to come home to decor that works as hard as you do. A no-frills, sturdy rug in jute or leather is perfect for industrial style. Add a faux cow hide for a layered rug look that gives dimension. Earthy accents like browns and greens will pare down the bare brick of your downtown loft and hold up against the tires on your vintage bike.

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    Coastal Rugs

    As you relax to read a romance novel in the seat of your bay window, you'll want a rug as soothing as the crashing of ocean waves. A beach-house-friendly rug, like a flat-weave Moroccan style, will be as serene, timeless, and iconic as the cream turtleneck you wear to walk the pier. Choose a woven rug as tactile as the sands in your coastal daydream.

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    Rustic Rugs

    Leave the fancy stuff to the city slickers. Cowgirl or lumberjill, bring in your outdoorsy vibes through a natural fiber rug in sisal, jute, rawhide, or wool. Animal motifs and woven Navajo designs are popular rug styles for imagining a fireside evening at the cabin. Rugged browns, greens, and reds will hide mud tracks as your family clomps in from a morning of fishing on the lake.

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    Farmhouse Rugs

    Sometimes you want a rug as hearty and homegrown as grandma's cooking. When you slide back your barn door, your home should be grounded by a rug with warmth and charm. A farmhouse rug is simple, just like wholesome country living. Look for earthy neutrals and traditional patterns, maybe even a rug slightly worn around the edges. It will have to hold up to all your DIY projects and the lemonade spilt by passersby.

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    Scandinavian Rugs

    The wintry comforts of a faux sheepskin or cowhide rug will give you a soft place to cuddle up with a mug of mulled wine and a Stieg Larsson novel. In your Viking quest for hygge, these organic rugs will offset the chilly modernism of your hard, plastic chairs and tech-focused decor. Your guests won't mind that they had to remove their shoes to preserve the sleek, minimal look of your blond hardwood floors.

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    Traditional Rugs

    Traditional rugs mix vintage motifs for something stately and classic. Their Persian patterns can add a touch of elegance in the dining room, if you want a rug as formal and decorative as the fine china in the hutch. Oriental styles offer similar touches of class with wide borders of floral, vine, and medallion scrollwork that are as refined as that old leather recliner you snooze in after 18 holes on the green. See our stylist's favorite Traditional Rugs