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Types of Lighting

Types of Lighting

There are three main types of lighting responsible for illuminating your home: ambient, task, and accent lighting. Here's how to properly incorporate these types of lighting into your home to enhance the look and feel of every room and ensure a gorgeous and well-lit living space.

3 Essential Lighting Types


What is Ambient Lighting?

Ambient Lighting

The primary form of lighting in a room, known as general or ambient lighting, is responsible for the overall look of your home. Any fixtures that diffuse bright light into the whole room can be defined as ambient lighting. Ceiling lights that provide lots of light from above, such as chandeliers and flush mounts, are a popular way to light entire rooms, while floor lamps and table lamps with translucent shades cast plenty of light into your space as well.


What is Task Lighting?

Task Lighting

When you need to light only a certain area for a specific activity, task lighting will provide a more focused source of light that won’t illuminate the whole room. A table lamp next to a sofa with an opaque shade can provide the perfect amount of light for reading, and pendant lights in a kitchen can specifically spotlight a countertop or table where meals are eaten. To restrict the light to a focused area, choose adjustable lights and pick shades that will keep the illumination focused. Pick lights with switches independent from the rest of the room’s fixtures so your task lighting can be turned on and off as you need it.


What is Accent Lighting?

Accent Lighting

The main purpose of accent lighting is to enhance the mood of the room. Accent lighting is perfect for making certain pieces of decor or parts of your home’s architecture stand out. Use directional track lighting to create a gallery effect on a wall full of art, or install downward-facing sconces on your walls to give the room’s perimeter a gorgeous glow. Placing floor lamps in a room’s corners or strategically in a seating area can show off your room’s size or highlight your furniture’s arrangement. Accent lighting is the best way to highlight the focal point of a room or change the overall ambiance.