Top 6 Types of Refrigerators

Top 6 Types of Refrigerators

You trust your fridge to keep your food fresh, rely on it for cold beverages, and open its doors multiple times a day. But there are many styles of refrigerators available. We’ll walk you through the different types of refrigerators to see which features are right for your kitchen. Whether your family needs a little more freezer space or no freezer at all, read on to find the best refrigerator style.


Top Freezer

Standard refrigerator with top freezer Buy This Fridge

If you like keeping things simple and don’t want to be bothered with extra features, a top freezer refrigerator is a solid choice. It’s the most traditional fridge configuration, with the freezer at the top and the refrigerator at the bottom. This type of fridge perfectly fulfills the everyday home need, which is why it hasn’t changed much since the introduction of the home freezer in the 1940s. The only drawback of a top freezer refrigerator might be its uncomfortable lower fridge access.


The top freezer is the most budget-friendly fridge in the bunch. While its affordable design is basic, it means this durable refrigerator is less likely to break down. It’s also easier and cheaper to repair if it does. Additionally, the top freezer refrigerator comes in a wide range of capacities, so you can find the size you need. Its spacious interior makes the best use of internal storage space for its size, whether you’re a household of one or a household of six or more.


Bottom Freezer

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The bottom freezer simply flips the traditional refrigerator configuration upside down. You’ll have all of the benefits of a top freezer unit, but you’ll gain at least one more potential benefit — easy fridge access. This setup tends to be bulky, but puts the majority of your fridge space at eye level, giving you convenient access to commonly used items. Since most people access the refrigerator more than a freezer, having the fridge portion on top is more convenient.


Bottom freezers will typically feature a pull-out drawer as opposed to a swinging door. The tradeoff is that you’ll probably have to bend over to rifle through the freezer compartment. These refrigerators are also spacious and considered to be more durable than other types of fridges. If you prefer your freezer section on the bottom but still want to keep it simple, then this refrigerator is a great option.


French Doors

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French door refrigerators keep the freezer on the bottom but switch out the large, single fridge door for two slim fridge doors. This configuration means it’s physically and visually easier to find the items you use the most. It benefits those with small kitchens, making it more convenient to quickly grab items without having to completely open your fridge. Plus, if you like to entertain, a French door fridge gives you wider shelves to help you store party trays and casserole dishes. However, you still have to open both doors to store wider items.


This refrigerator style has become one of the most popular due to its space-saving dual door design, easy access, and variety of available bonus features. If you want a modern fridge with a focus on function and convenience, then this is the fridge for you.



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Another popular fridge type, the side-by-side is split into two narrow sections: fridge on one side, freezer on the other. Like the French door style, the narrow doors of the side-by-side make it a convenient option for small or galley kitchens. The advantage is that you have eye-level access to both your refrigerator and freezer. You can easily organize your fridge to have frequently used items within reach while placing less-used items in lower drawers or shelves.


Plenty of extra features are available, so it’s easy to find a side-by-side fridge with a water dispenser or adjustable temperature zones. If you want a space-saving design with a few additional conveniences, this model fits the bill. However, the shelves on each side are narrower than a traditional fridge and freezer, so it’s difficult to store wide items and less energy-efficient.



counter-depth refrigerator Buy This Fridge

If you’re interested in a counter-depth refrigerator, then it’s safe to say that the appearance of your appliance is important to you. These fridges are known for their sleek style and shallow design, which lend a streamlined look to your kitchen. These units are not as deep as other refrigerators, so when they’re installed, they sit flush with most existing cabinetry. The slim design can fit small kitchens.


Because these fridges aren’t as deep, they tend to be wider to compensate for the loss of interior space. There are some sacrifices made to accommodate this fridge style — they aren’t as energy efficient as other models and typically have a bigger price tag. However, counter-depth refrigerators come in a variety of door configurations, including French door, side-by-side, and bottom freezer. If you want a fridge that fits in with your cabinets and decor but is still portable enough to install yourself, then a counter-depth fridge is worth a look.



freezerless refrigerator Buy This Fridge

For the household that doesn’t use frozen foods or already has plenty of separate freezer space, there’s the freezerless refrigerator. These units aren’t very common, though they do exist. There are limited style options, but what this fridge lacks in customization it makes up for with sheer storage space. It’s also more affordable and energy-efficient. If you find yourself wishing you had more refrigerated space or just don’t need a freezer, then this fridge style is an obvious winner.

Average Refrigerator Measurements

Plan for at least 5 to 6 cubic feet of storage space per person in your household.


Style Height Width Depth Capacity (Cubic Feet)
Top Freezer 65-68″ 30-36″ 24-32″ 10-25″
Bottom Freezer 67-86″ 30-36″ 26-34″ 18-23″
French Door 67-69″ 29-35″ 29-34″ 19-31″
Side-by-Side 67-69″ 30-35″ 28-34″ 19-31″
Counter-Depth 70-82″ 36-42″ 25-30″ 12-25″
Freezerless 54-85″ 24-29″ 21-33″ 17-23″