6 Types of Desks: Inspiration for Every Room

6 Types of Desks: Inspiration for Every Room

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While a home office might be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re shopping for desks, there are plenty of places in your house that can benefit from a dedicated workstation. By matching the right desk type with the right location, you can design a work area that’s both functional and attractive.


Computer Desks for Your Home Office

Bid farewell to neck aches and wrist strain with computer desks, which are available with ergonomic features such as monitor stands and keyboard trays. If your computer has a tower, models with vented CPU shelves help dissipate heat and protect your expensive equipment. Although these desks are usually too substantial for a small room, they provide the stability and comfort you need in a heavy-use home office.


Writing Desks for Your Living Room

When aesthetics are a top priority, writing desks are the perfect solution. These compact desks come in a huge variety of colors, materials, and styles, so you can design an inspiring and beautiful work area in a high-visibility part of the house. Most models feature compact desktops and one or two shallow drawers, giving you just enough space for a laptop and a few key office supplies.


Student Desks and Kids' Desks for Your Playroom

Create a quiet, productivity-enhancing spot for homework with student desks. Small and space efficient, these desks fit comfortably into a child’s bedroom or a college dorm room. The compact frames don’t offer much room to stretch your legs, but they’re ideal for study sessions or report-writing. Options in fun, vibrant colors reflect your child’s personality.


Art Desks for Your Studio

With their expansive tops, art desks give you plenty of room for all of your creative pursuits. Feel like a professional artist with drafting-style desks, which feature worktops that adjust to different angles for painting or sketching. Many art desks include built-in drawers, pencil trays, and specialty paint-brush racks to keep your supplies organized in a craft room or studio. Since most art desks are tall and wide, they require quite a bit of floor space.


Gaming Desks for Your Rec Room

Gaming desks are all about ergonomics and convenience. Monitor risers and keyboard trays help you maintain a neutral spine position during marathon gaming sessions, while headphone hooks, drink holders, and controller racks keep your gear in arm’s reach. Set aside a big area in your bedroom or computer room; these desks usually have large, heavy frames that can accommodate multiple monitors, a CPU, and a bulky gaming chair.


Vanity Desks for Your Bedroom

If your bedroom is a sanctuary in a busy house, a gorgeous bedroom desk can help you make the most of the peace and quiet. Indulge in your self-care routine with a desk/vanity combo that includes a mirror or create a relaxing place for journaling or end-of-day emails with a slim computer table. Glam accents, such as glass tops and mirrored frames, enhance your elegant and relaxing decor.

The desk is the hub of activity in any workspace. Now that you’ve discovered the different types of desks and their ideal uses, check out our guides to Desk Style, Material, and Size to help narrow down your choice.