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Types of Coffee Brewers Fact Sheet

by Laura Reynolds

Delicious cup of coffee with cookies

People have had a love affair with coffee for hundreds of years and are still developing easier ways to achieve that perfect blend of flavor, aroma and caffeine. If you're shopping for a coffee maker, you may be wondering which type of brewing system to choose. The good news is that no matter what your tastes, there are many reasonably priced coffee makers to meet your morning, midday and evening pick-me-up needs. To learn more about the different types of coffee brewers, keep reading.

Facts about Coffee Brewers:

  1. The process: All coffee brewing systems expose roasted coffee to water that is optimally just below boiling temperature (212 degrees F or 100 degrees C) for enough time to transfer essential oils to the water. Coffee that brews too long picks up bitter oils, and coffee that brews for too little time does not develop a full-spectrum taste.

  2. Vacuum coffee: Invented in 1840 and still going strong, the vacuum coffee brewer is ideal for coffee purists who want a sediment-free cup of coffee with no paper filter taste.

  3. Electric coffee: The advent of electricity produced the electric percolator, which basically boils and then brews coffee. Some swear by percolators, saying that they produce a coffee that's more full-bodied than its competitors.

  4. Drip coffee: The drip method involves pouring hot water through ground coffee in a paper filter, which then drips into a carafe. Many auto-drip coffeemakers feature heated bases to keep coffee hot, which may cause bitterness. Drip coffee machines are usually the cheapest and therefore most popular coffee machines found in homes.

  5. Pressed coffee: Heated water is poured over grounds or packets containing grounds in a coffee press. A plate then pushes the coffee into the bottom of the beaker. The coffee is usually consumed immediately.

  6. Insulation: Better methods of insulation have removed the need for a hotplate in brewing. Properly insulated carafes keep coffee hot without turning it bitter. This coffee brewer is ideal for people on the go who don't have time to fuss with coffee pots, mugs and travel mugs. With an insulated, thermal coffeemaker, the coffee brews right into your thermal container.

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