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Top 7 Types of Bathtubs

Top 7 Types of Bathtubs

types of bathtubs

There’s nothing more relaxing at the end of a long day than soaking in a toasty-warm bathtub. A welcome break from the busyness of daily life, a luxurious bath helps you slow down and pamper yourself the way you deserve. Read on to find the best type of bathtub to suit your comfort level.


Freestanding Soaking Bathtub: More Depth For Greater Luxury

freestanding tubs

Sink into the luxury of a deep, freestanding soaking tub. Featuring higher sides, this standalone tub is easy to install and makes a beautiful bathroom’s centerpiece. This type of tub is ideal for larger bathrooms and has an exterior faucet attached to the floor or to the wall.


Free-standing tubs have the advantage of little contact with heat-stealing surfaces, like the floor or walls. They also free you from the compact enclosed feeling that smaller bathtubs have.


Whirlpool Jetted Tubs: A Spa-Like Therapeutic Experience

whirlpool tub

A jetted bathtub is a must-have if you have a busy schedule and get limited time to yourself. With massage and bubble jets, these soaking tubs work away tension as you bathe. Chroma-therapy lights can also create a relaxed mood, while contoured seating and an adjustable headrest can help you feel refreshed.


A jetted tub can also accommodate multiple bathers. Reclining surfaces and built-in seats help you enjoy memorable, romantic moments with your significant other. Homeowners in warm climates may also choose to install a whirlpool tub on a private patio or in a secluded garden area.


See our Whirlpool Bathtub Fact Sheet for more on designing a relaxing retreat that melts away stress.


Clawfoot Tubs: A Traditional Overhaul

clawfoot tub

This timeless bathtub style flaunts a vintage, classic appeal. Resting on four claw-like legs, it looks stunning in traditional or transitional spaces, especially with brass or bronze finishes. You can also match your tub finish to your existing bathroom hardware, such as satin nickel for a modern bathroom.


Clawfoot bathtubs are freestanding, deep, and easy to install. Choose a slipper tub if you prefer a high-back option. A double-slipper is the best type of bathtub for ultimate comfort or if you’re relaxing with your partner. See Best Reasons to Choose a Clawfoot Tub for more tips to create your own personal spa.


Pedestal Bathtub: Classic Yet Modern Lines

pedestal tubs

Maintain a modern look with the classic style of an inviting pedestal bathtub. These freestanding tubs are elevated and sit snugly on a decorative base. Most pedestal tubs have floor or wall faucets and a center drain. Look for tubs where the base is detached from the tub so that you can vary the base to match your bathroom interiors each time you redecorate.


Alcove Bathtubs: A Snug Fit For Compact Bathrooms

alcove tubs

Make your smaller bathroom as functional as a large one with an alcove bathtub. An alcove tub take up very little floor space, so it can make full use of your shower area. With three unfurnished sides, it easily fits into an alcove or a recessed corner. The single finished side, also known as the tub apron, faces outwards. To truly relax, opt for a deeper tub with plenty of deck space to keep your soaps and bath salts.


Copper Tubs: Striking Old-World Charm

copper tub

Flaunt elegance and unerring taste when you choose a copper bathtub. Durable, mold-resistant, and easy to clean, copper tubs are convenient and functional. They heat up quickly and retain heat, making them perfect to indulge in on a cold day.


Look for a freestanding copper bathtub to give your bathroom a high-end spa aura. An oil rubbed bronze finish looks great in a traditional bathroom, while a circular, Japanese-style soaker tub enhances contemporary interiors.


Walk-In Tubs: Convenience, Class, & Safety

walk-in bathtubs

These types of tubs include a slightly-elevated threshold and a side panel door. Some walk-in bathtubs include additional safety features such as grab bars and slip-resistant floors. This makes them perfect for anyone in your household with limited mobility, such as an aging parent.


Install your walk-in tub in your shower space for a truly compact bathing nook. Doors that open outwards can also maximize your limited space. Check for tubs that include built-in seats so you can get comfortable while the tub fills or drains.

Bathtubs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to wash away the stress of the day. From functional to therapeutic, know what to look for in a bathtub. See our FAQs About Soaking Tubs for more on what to consider when buying a bathtub.