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Top 4 TV Stand Styles

Top 4 TV Stand Styles

tv stand style

From traditional, wooden designs to metallic, urban styles, the perfect TV stand matches the decor of your living room. Harmonize the overall look of your interior when you explore the top TV stand styles.

Modern & Contemporary TV Stand

When it comes to modern and contemporary TV stands, expect creative shapes and clean forms. If you want a striking focal piece, a modern TV stand with an artistic, geometric form and chic LED lights definitely catches the eye. Make an impact when you occupy your wall with a large mixed-media entertainment unit.

If you want something simple, a slim yet sturdy fiberglass stand highlights your sense of minimalism and fits just right in tight spaces. Some contemporary stands feature staggered, asymmetrical shelves for visual intrigue. Choose from TV stands with matte and shiny finishes to accentuate your decor.

Mid-Century Modern TV Stand

Mid-Century Modern TV Stand

Harken back to a bygone era with a mid-century modern stand. This furniture style flaunts a classic look characterized by flared legs, minimal ornamentation, and a sleek, geometric design. Find a mid-century modern TV stand with a natural light brown tone to blend in nicely with your other wooden decor. If you want to emphasize simplicity, a rectangular, boxed stand with a couple of open shelves expresses your personality. Explore mid-century modern stands with a neat, two-tone finish, featuring a dark exterior and a bright interior for visual appeal.

Rustic TV Stand

rustic tv stand

A rustic TV stand incorporates rough materials and earthy textures. Bring the vitality of the outdoors into your home with a reclaimed oak TV stand. Rustic stands typically have distressed, neutral-stained, or unfinished surfaces with natural knots. Metal mesh doors add a sturdy industrial hint. They also make it easy to view your displayed accents, DVD collection, and quirky collectibles. Some rustic TV stands flaunt an open-back design with weathered shelves.

Farmhouse TV Stand

farmhouse tv stand

Highlight practicality and simplicity with a farmhouse TV stand. This TV stand style reflects the charm of rural living while embracing modern comfort. Bring in a cozy look with a distressed wood stand with a well-worn appearance. TV stands with large, open shelves pair well with rough-textured, woven baskets. Many farmhouse TV stands also feature sliding, barn-style doors with metallic hardware and plank wood to complete the aesthetic.