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Tungsten Rings Fact Sheet

Tungsten Rings Fact Sheet

Tungsten Rings Fact Sheet
Tungsten rings are popular as fashion rings and men's wedding bands. Tungsten offers a very cool style with plenty of shine and a high level of durability. Most tungsten rings are sleek and modern. These rings are more than just a pretty face, however. Tungsten jewelry offers many benefits over other types of metal jewelry. Consult these facts about tungsten rings if you are considering purchasing tungsten jewelry.
Tungsten Rings Fact Sheet

Facts About Tungsten Rings:

Tungsten has a density similar to that of gold.

This metal is dense, making it ideal for jewelry production. Tungsten is a great alternative for gold and platinum in fine rings. Tungsten rings will last a long time, making them a good investment for those shopping for wedding bands.

Tungsten rings are available in a range of colors.

Tungsten jewelry is naturally a silvery grey tone, but it can be plated with other colors. Black tungsten rings are very popular and are often decorated with laser-engraved details. Some tungsten rings are enhanced with gold detailing or bright blue plating.

Tungsten rings are hypoallergenic.

Many people have metal sensitivities, making it difficult for them to wear sterling silver jewelry or even gold rings. Tungsten is rarely alloyed with common skin irritants, so the rings are ideal for individuals who get rashes from other metal rings.

Tungsten rings do not tarnish, develop a patina, or rust.

Sterling silver rings will tarnish over time and require routine polishing. Titanium rings develop a blue patina, which will need to be cleaned off by a professional if you don’t like the way it looks. Stainless steel rings can gradually rust if exposed to a lot of moisture. Tungsten rings are very low-maintenance compared to similar types of metal rings.

Tungsten is not just for men’s wedding bands.

Although tungsten is a great option for men’s wedding bands, tungsten rings are also available in fashion jewelry and women’s rings. Many tungsten fashion rings are very urban and stylish, featuring a variety of desirable details and designs. Choose a bright blue tungsten ring if you want to add some cool accessorizing to your routine. Women’s tungsten rings are also available in both the wedding jewelry and fashion jewelry categories.