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Trends in Men's Fashion Jewelry

by Maegan Crandall

Steel-studded black leather men's fashion jewelry bracelet

Pieces of jewelry are works of art, and men's fashion jewelry categories contain a myriad of fine pieces to choose from. Men's jewelry is an evolving collection; each season brings a new assortment of fashion jewelry for your wardrobe. A simple braided leather bracelet or a polished stainless steel ring will add dimension and texture to an outfit. To keep your men's jewelry collection updated and to be sure that you always have the right fashion jewelry pieces, consult our list of the top new trends in men's fashion jewelry.

Trendy Men's Jewelry Fashions:

  1. Tribal designs: A tribal design is a masculine decoration that may incorporate swirling lines, pointed edges or geometric patterns. Some tribal designs are culturally authentic; these symbols can connect you to your heritage or represent a meaningful sentiment on a piece of jewelry. Tribal designs can be found on bracelets, rings, pendants and many other types of men's jewelry.

  2. Leather: Leather has always been a great choice for rugged accessories, and men's leather jewelry is incredibly trendy. Leather bracelets and necklaces often incorporate braids, knots and a variety of interesting textures. Black cuff bracelets are decidedly edgy, but simple brown leather cord bracelets are more natural. Leather is incredibly durable, making it a great choice for jewelry that you wear daily.

  3. Steel: Stainless steel is a very popular, utilitarian metal that is found everywhere from home appliances to the aerospace industry. Steel rings and watchbands have been popular for a very long time, and stainless steel bracelets, earrings, pendants and chains offer a masculine appearance and a high level of durability. Stainless steel can have a brushed, satin, matte, mirror or reflective finish, so steel is incredibly versatile and stylish.

  4. Mixed materials: If you want to add texture to your look, consider a piece of jewelry that is made from a variety of materials. A stainless steel ring with an inlaid leather braid is trendy and eye-catching; stainless steel bracelets with rubber accents are very unique. You can create your own mixed-materials jewelry by hanging a stainless steel pendant on a leather cord. Utilize a variety of trendy materials to diversify any outfit in your closet.

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