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Trends in Leather Necklaces

by Maegan Crandall

Gorgeous man wearing a brown leather jacket and a leather necklace

Leather has always been trendy, and leather necklaces are a current hot item. Leather necklaces are very hip in men's jewelry categories because they are masculine, edgy and nature-inspired. Whether you choose black leather jewelry, brown leather men's necklaces or dyed leather necklaces, leather jewelry is versatile and always unique. You can add leather necklaces to any basic outfit to punch up the style; check out the top trends in leather men's necklaces before you start shopping.

Popular Leather Necklace Styles:

  1. Rocker: Rock this leather men's jewelry trend with an edgy leather necklace. Black leather is awesome because it's a little dark and a lot tough. Thick leather necklaces with cutouts and silver studs get you ready for any wild party. Leather cords with silver pendants shaped like skulls, stars and daggers add rock appeal.

  2. Hippie: Leather has a very natural vibe, making it the perfect accessory for earth-loving hippies. A brown leather necklace offers a nature-inspired laid-back surfer style, while a tan leather necklace is perfect for a shell pendant or recycled-glass beads. Show off your organic and earthy side with a men's leather necklace and matching cuff bracelet.

  3. Braided: Leather can easily be braided, tied in knots and woven into patterns. Braided leather necklaces are available in many shades, from solid black to bright blue. Wear a choker-length braided leather necklace with shorts and a T-shirt or string a large pendant onto a long braided leather cord.

  4. Decorated: Jewelry artisans often add beads, shells, pendants, charms, wood and glass to leather necklaces. These decorations can be woven into the necklace design with braids and knots or strung directly onto a leather cord. You can collect several different necklace varieties or choose one leather necklace that personifies your style.

  5. Personalized: Leather can be stamped, engraved and carved, giving you a completely unique piece of leather jewelry for your collection. Leather cuff bracelets are commonly stamped with sayings, symbols, names and initials, and some leather necklaces can also be stamped and engraved. Consider having a piece of leather stamped with your initials to create a one-of-a-kind pendant to hang from a leather cord or a silver chain.

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