Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Published April 28, 2010 | Updated June 24, 2015

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A wedding anniversary, whether the fifth or the fiftieth, is a milestone worth celebrating. Everybody knows there's a list somewhere out there that tells you the perfect gift for each wedding anniversary, but who can remember what's on that list? Here, at your fingertips, are the gift-giving clues you need, along with links to some potential gift items.

In Victorian England, it was quite fashionable to have large celebrations for anniversaries, and it's likely that this list of traditional anniversary gifts came from that time, although no one knows the exact origin for certain. The traditional gifts became popular in the United States soon after, with a few alterations.

Even if you don't consider yourselves a very traditional couple, you can use the list for inspiration and put a personal spin on the gift. A few contemporary interpretations of the ideas are offered below.

For even more gift ideas, be sure to read our guides to modern wedding anniversary gifts and anniversary gemstones.

Traditional Anniversary Gift List: