Stylist Picks: Top 8 Traditional Rugs

Stylist Picks: Top 8 Traditional Rugs

This guide is part of our Overstock Stylist Commentary series, home design tips written by industry experts. In this roundup, Christina Rodgers shares her top 8 traditional rugs sold on


by Christina Rodgers

Hi! I’m Christina, my friends call me Teens. I have been with Overstock for 3.5 years. I like to say I was trained as a stylist from the time I was 4 when I went on my first installation job. My mother is an interior designer and let me turn my closet into Barbie’s dream house using her fabric samples. I was moodboarding rooms before I knew what it meant. My biggest tip for styling a room is to add a classic piece with something unexpected.


Cozy and familiar, traditional rugs have a rep as being “formal.” But paired with contemporary pieces, traditional rugs can actually help make a space more welcoming. With a classic mix of old and new, traditional rugs can feel like they’ve been passed down for generations. To help you choose the best traditional rug for your space, I’ve listed a few of my favorites below.


Alexander Home Leanne Traditional Distressed Printed Area Rug

Distressed printed oriental pattern traditional rug

Traditional rugs typically pull in patterns found in Asian and European designs. Those worldly influences make this rug perfect for mixing a bit of boho into your design. I love that the apricot and blush colors add a pop of the unexpected to a traditional vibe — it brings in warmth but with soft muted tones. The pile is low, so I’d recommend a rug pad, especially to help it grip to a hardwood floor.


Alexander Home Isabelle Traditional Vintage Border Printed Area Rug

Vintage distressed Persian area rug

I’m a huge fan of this traditional rug as a more neutral option. It has a stunning mix of warmer shades like yellows and pinks, but balances that with cooler colors like blacks, blues, and greens. Because there’s no stand-out color, this rug can lend itself to any color scheme that your room is leaning towards. You’ll want a rug pad underneath to add a little more cushion for your feet.


Safavieh Antiquity Anner Handmade Wool Traditional Oriental Rug

Traditional handmade wool rug with bordered floral oriental pattern

I’m crazy about this traditional rug’s higher pile, which makes it thicker and comfier (it’s worth noting that wool will shed a bit). I prefer the grey/beige colorway. The floral pattern stands out beautifully and adds a touch of a femininity. I love how the warmth of these colors adds to the coziness of a space. This color option also offers a lot of stylish undertones that you can highlight with decor. Think pillows, artwork, and other accessories to bring out those shades.


Elmas Traditional Persian Medallion Area Rug

Traditional Persian medallion area rug

This rug comes in plenty of gorgeous colors, but I gravitate towards the taupe option for its sandy neutral base. I really admire that warmer colors continue to be accented throughout the rug. The shape in the center is a true marker of traditional European and Asian design, giving it an authentic old-world feel. Because it’s a thinner rug, I’d suggest a rug pad to add more cushion.


Safavieh Handmade Heritage Asia Traditional Oriental Wool Rug

Handmade wool rug with bright red/blue oriental pattern

There are many color options to choose for this oriental rug, but I’m head over heels for this bold red. Red and blue is a classic pairing that will never go out of style, and the blue border helps frame your seating group. You can pull out the deep colors in this rug through furniture upholstery, or brighten your room by emphasizing the lighter tones.


Adenia Vintage Medallion Area Rug

Vintage bordered medallion rug in red and blue

I adore this rug! It has so many color variations throughout, so there’s visual interest in every inch of the carpet. It gives you tons of opportunity to design a compelling room. I would choose this traditional rug when I want to have a space filled with rich color and warmth.


Safavieh Lyndhurst Ambrogina Traditional Rug

Traditional round red, ivory, and black area rug

This rug’s floral pattern and its complimentary color scheme are classic traditional style. The ornate detailing pulls in a variety of earthy colors often found in Craftsman style furnishings. It’s an elegant print that would pair well with a warmer colored wood.


Alexander Home Venetian Printed Star Persian Distressed Rug

Printed distressed thin traditional Persian rug

This is another one of my go-tos when I’m looking for a neutral traditional rug. It lends itself to cooler tones with its even distribution of pretty blue accents. I also love that the distinct star pattern in the middle adds a subtle anchor point. To get the most out of this rug, I’d recommend a rug pad to add more cushion and comfort.

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