Traditional Living Room Ideas

Traditional Living Room Ideas

Classic and calming, traditional decor evokes stability, comfort, and elegance. Using sophisticated textures and classic shapes, these ideas put gorgeous traditional living rooms at your fingertips.

Traditional Living Room Furniture

Traditional living room sets celebrate symmetry and simple luxury. Center a sofa and set of accent chairs around a coffee table to create a classic conversational grouping that’s just right for movie night or coffee with friends.

Want a showcase piece? Your sofa can take center stage with luxe upholstery and elegantly carved wood. Traditional living rooms with leather sofas take on a balanced vibe that’s perfect for rustic sensibilities – play up your leather sofa with a plaid throw, or contrast it with a floral rug. Traditional living room accent chairs take their cues from European furniture, so look for Queen Anne or Chippendale inspirations to pair with a loveseat or dainty side table.

Dark woods predominate in traditional living room furniture, so keep an eye out for cherry, mahogany, or walnut tones. Stash your remotes and other devices neatly out of sight in a cherry end table with a built-in drawer. The traditional living room also makes a welcoming spot for lively tabletop games or a quiet afternoon with your favorite book.

Traditional Living Room Rugs

From smooth, subtle creams to rich jewel tones, area rugs provide the foundation for traditional living room color schemes. Look for light, warm neutrals and accents in hunter green or deep burgundy in your traditional living room area rug. Or lean on earth tones and understated plaids for a touch of lodge-inspired ruggedness. Smooth an elegant rug over your floors to create a focal point for small traditional living rooms. Classic Persian or vintage-inspired floral rugs add instant elegance to your decor. Overdyed rugs infuse your space with a shot of color and a little Bohemian flair.

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Traditional Living Room Accessories

Balanced elements rule traditional living room designs – think of symmetrical groupings, glossy wood and subtle, harmonious colors. Drawing from established European design, traditional living room decor emphasizes time-tested details like curved silhouettes and clawfoot legs.

It’s the little touches that make the room truly yours, so curate your traditional living room decor with family treasures and artful accents. Traditional living room wall decor can be anything from wood-framed artwork to understated wall sculptures — look for vintage-inspired mirrors and distressed reliefs to put an artistic polish on your walls. Metallic accents create a luxurious vibe, and a weathered patina keeps the time-tested feeling strong.

Keep an eye on your windows – traditional living room window treatments lean on heavy, elegant fabric with understated textures and patterns. Crown your windows with a structured valance if you want a formal, refined ambiance, or go easy on the trim and use simple tiebacks for a more casual feel.,

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