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Top Trends for Throw Pillows

by Amanda Mears

Faux silk throw pillows add glamour to your home

Changing the look of your home is simple with throw pillows. Inexpensive and decked out in the latest fabric styles, these small square accent pillows are perfect for freshening up a room and making it more livable. If you want to bring a whole new look into your home but aren't sure where to start, then keep reading. This guide will walk you through the top trends for throw pillows to help you find the perfect new accent that fits your decorating style.

Popular Throw Pillow Trends:

  1. Interchangeable pillow covers. The cheapest way to change to look of your throw pillows is with interchangeable throw pillow covers. These slip on over an existing throw pillow and fit snugly, so they look natural. Pick from solid- colored or patterned pillow slipcovers to breathe new life into your furniture or bedding.

  2. Faux silk fabric. Silk is known for its luxurious qualities and fabulous sheen, but silk can also be pricey. Inexpensive faux-silk throw pillows add glamour and elegance to rooms that appear lackluster without costing a lot. Choose rich jewel-toned throw pillows when you want to add a pop of color to your home or stick to neutral silk throw pillows for an understated touch of class.

  3. Animal prints galore. Animal prints don't have to scream "look at me!" Pairing animal print throw pillows with solid colors can add just the right amount of playfulness to your home decor without making it look tacky. Exotic and lush, animal print accent pillows look great against neutral color palettes and even work well when mixed with other animal print patterns in the same color.

  4. Texture in every color. No matter what color of throw pillows you're shopping for, choose throw pillows with texture when you want to make a statement. From decorative pillows adorned with rosettes to pillows with detailed basket-weave patterns, textured pillows are the staple of interesting design.

  5. Bold graphics. Throw pillows with large, centered graphics are quickly becoming popular because they add flair and substance to your decorating motif. One bold graphic with a neutral background gives your throw pillow the ability to be a piece of art in addition to a comfortable resting place for your head.

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