Stylist Picks: Top 8 Modern Rugs

Stylist Picks: Top 8 Modern Rugs

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by Logan R.
Senior Stylist

My name is Logan and I’m the Senior Stylist here at Overstock. My background is in fine art and I got my master’s degree in painting before moving into the world of photography. I’ve been styling props and interiors for almost a decade, and love that I’m able to utilize my education daily.


One of the biggest misconceptions of modern style is that it’s sterile and cold. I’m here to tell you that Modern can mean warm and inviting, too, especially with the addition of the right rug! Here are my top picks for modern rugs, from Scandinavian to Glam and everything in between.

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Craft Clytie Modern Abstract Rug (Gold/Grey)

Safavieh Craft Clytie Modern Abstract Rug - 10'6_ X 14' - Gold_Grey

The agate-inspired pattern of this rug definitely makes a statement, but its flowing movement and predominantly grey tones prevent it from overwhelming your eyes. My pick is the gold/grey option. The “golds” here are really shades of sand and beige. They would work perfectly with earthy vibes, like you see trending in organic-modern spaces. The synthetic fibers make this rug durable and easy to clean; however, they will have a bit of sheen in direct lighting.


Vision Tanasa Modern Ombre Tonal Rug (Brown)

Vision Tanasa Modern Ombre Tonal Rug (Brown)

Solid rugs are having a big moment in modern spaces. If the idea of future spills make a completely uniform rug seem intimidating, this rug is a fantastic solution. Though technically an ombre, the subtlety gives it a cohesive look with enough variation to hide accidents. Personally, I’m in love with the rich chocolate brown version to inject some warmth in contemporary rooms. Bonus points: the thick soft pile of this rug is very soft underfoot.


Craft Margaretha Modern Abstract Rug (Grey/Gold)

Craft Margaretha Modern Abstract Rug (GreyGold)

Go glam or go home! Marble has long been a staple for modern glam styles. Why not have it on your rug? The large scale pattern adds drama to any room and provides a backdrop to all the glitz and gold of a glam space. The gold veins are not metallic fibers, but varying shades of gold and bronze. The high/low pile adds a subtle texture and really highlights the pattern.


Madison Loane Modern Abstract Rug (Grey/Pink)

Madison Loane Modern Abstract Rug (GreyPink)

I love this rug for those leaning on the chromatic side of modern. It has an abstract almost-pixelated pattern that is modern but playful. The variety of color makes this rug super easy to work into a ton of existing color schemes (and for camouflaging stains). This rug has a lower pile, so for increased softness I’d recommend pairing it with a rug pad.


Glacier Bree Modern Abstract Rug (Red/Green)

Glacier Bree Modern Abstract Rug (RedGreen)

Inspired by high-definition landscape photography, this rug is not for the faint of heart. Vibrant, lush colors in an undulating abstract pattern will make the rug the centerpiece of the room. To help ground this bold rug, I recommend avoiding a glass coffee table. A solid-surface top will help break up the pattern and make it feel like part of the room. Rug pad recommended.


Martin Contemporary Abstract Area Rug (Blue)

Martin Contemporary Abstract Area Rug (Blue)

Similar to the Madison Loane mentioned earlier, the Martin Contemporary is Madison’s slightly more serious older brother. This guy works awesome in mid-century modern or industrial spaces. The tonal blues of this rug won’t distract from your other furniture pieces, but there’s still enough interest and substance to the pattern to keep it from being boring. Rug pad recommended.


Joel Mod Ombre Geometric Area Rug

Joel Mod Ombre Geometric Area Rug

Black, white, and graphic all over! I love that this rug makes a big statement without being loud. Its linear geometric pattern really reinforces the clean lines often associated with modern furnishings. Since it’s monochrome, this rug would work with literally any color. My favorite pairing is with the light-wood tones and neutral fabrics of Scandinavian style. Rug pad recommended.


Adirondack Vera Modern Ombre Distressed Rug (Orange/Grey)

Adirondack Vera Modern Ombre Distressed Rug (OrangeGrey)

An ombre rug is a timeless choice, whether your personal style is full-blown contemporary or you’re just looking to add a touch of modern to your space. The simple and sophisticated gradient of color provides a smart backdrop. For a punch of color, opt for the orange/grey combo. For a serene set up, go for the light grey/grey. This rug comes in a whopping 12 colorways so there is something for everyone! Rug pad recommended.

To learn more about modern rugs or find a style more suitable for your home, check out our Guide to Rug Styles.