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Top 10 Mid-Century Modern Gifts for Christmas

Top 10 Mid-Century Modern Gifts for Christmas

It’s gift-giving season, and you’re on the hunt for a gift for a very specific person. They love a dinner party where the conversation is just as important as the food. They prefer whiskey neat, and they enjoy the way vinyl crackles from its perch on their teak side table. Part of them proudly lives in another decade, and you’re happy to feed their retro addiction with a mid-century modern gift. Read on for our top 10 retro-chic Christmas gift ideas.


Mid-Century Modern Area Rug

mid-century modern color block area rug

For the mid-century fanatic who aims to make a big statement in their home, an area rug is a gift that will cover a lot of ground. Look for bold color blocking, stark contrast or retro patterning rather than a solid neutral. When choosing between shades, contrasting secondary colors like burnt orange and avocado green are a classic matchup.


Mid-Century Modern Barware

Mid-century modern martini shaker and bar tools

Mid-century style is all about smart and stylish household items — and barware is no exception. A cocktail shaker, jigger, and ice bucket comprise the bar cart basics, after all, a martini is best shaken, not stirred. Look for sets with luxe details, such as leather accents or burnished metal. Pair bar tools with a set of well-designed crystal tumblers for a gift that’s both classic and refined.


Mid-Century Modern Canvas Art

Mid-century modern abstract canvas art

Those who enjoy mid-century aesthetics will enjoy the gift of bold wall art. A canvas reproduction of a modern art masterpiece could be the start of a beautiful gallery wall. Or if you want to give big, pick artwork that can stand alone as a statement piece. Opt for a canvas print boasting the bright colors and geometric elements of mid-century style.


Mid-Century Modern Accent Chair

No one is a true mid-century connoisseur without an ergonomic shell chair to kick back in. There are plenty of equally statement-making accent chairs to choose from if your giftee already has colorful Eames dining chairs. Look for slim wood frames that show off leather, twill or wool cushions. Upholstered swivel chairs match the style well, too. Just make sure they have the signature Eiffel-style tapered legs to match the mid-century aesthetic. Whichever chair you choose, it’s a gift that will help someone furnish their space while adding style to a new home.


Mid-Century Modern Wall Clock

Mid-century wall clock

What makes a wall clock quintessentially mid-century is its lack of numbers. A retro patterned clock face may look the part, but if it has Roman numerals, it might not fit the bill. Seek out clocks with chunky or distinctive hour and minute hands rather than sleek ones. And if possible, gift a clock with nods to the aesthetics of 20th century designer George Nelson. Your effort to find a ball or sunburst clock will not go unnoticed by your favorite mid-century collector.


Mid-Century Modern Throw Pillows

mid-century modern color block throw pillows

Mid-century style is rooted in a variety of textures and patterns, but a common thread is richness. Picture deep mahogany and saturated colors with warm undertones. Look for fabrics that carry color well, such as crushed velvet. Mix and match velvet with leather or suede for decor intrigue that is both comfy and befitting the style.


Mid-Century Modern Table Lamp

Whether they need sleek task lighting for their workspace or an extra glow in the den, a mid-century table lamp will brighten their decor. Tripod table lamps are distinctly mid-century in style, as are organic shaped ceramics. While Sputnik lamps are most often seen in chandelier form, the rarer table lamp is a unique find they’ll love.


Mid-Century Modern Blanket

a stack of soft color-blocked throw blankets

Keep it cozy with a bright throw that warms them up while accenting their space. Try chunky knit tweed as a nod to mid-century modern style’s fabric of choice. Or if you’re looking for a gift with extra texture and warmth, choose wool or cashmere. As with all mid-century decor, neutrals are reserved for wooden furniture, so choose a throw with a bright pop of color.


Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

mid-century modern walnut coffee table

If your giftee has moved to a new space and wants to decorate with a mid-century style, give a gift that will be a centerpiece to their living room decor. When you gift a coffee table, you help your recipient create a welcoming space to relax or entertain. Mid-century coffee tables exhibit museum-worthy artisanship in a range of organic forms. Look out for rounded triangular tabletops and sculptural wooden legs. If it seems like an optical illusion, it just might be a mid-century modern design.


Mid-Century Modern Coasters

Metal and Mahogony coasters

With your mid-century modernist’s sophisticated taste comes regular care for their well-curated furniture. Let them set their drinks down in “Mad Men” style with the cool shine of metallic coasters. When combined with a touch of polished metal, either around the edge of the coaster or banded across the top, wooden coasters suit mid-century decor well.  Whether stacked atop the home bar cabinet or placed under scotch glasses, a coaster is a useful gift with strong visual appeal.

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