Top 10 Mid-Century Modern Gifts for Christmas

Top 10 Mid-Century Modern Gifts for Christmas

Top 10 Mid-Century Modern Gifts for Christmas
You're on the hunt for something to give the person who loves a great dinner party, prefers whiskey neat, and enjoys the way vinyl crackles from where it's perched on their teak side table. Part of them proudly lives in another decade, and you're happy to feed their retro addiction with the perfect Mid-Century Modern gift. Read on for our top 10 retro-chic Christmas gift ideas.
Top 10 Mid-Century Modern Gifts for Christmas

Mid-Century Modern Christmas Gift Ideas:

1. Mid-Century Modern Area Rug

For the Mid-Century fanatic who is trying to make a big statement in their home, an area rug is a gift that will cover a lot of ground. Roll out the perfect rug for them this Christmas, with rugs in mid-century patterns and colors like avocado green, burnt orange, and cream.

2. Barware

Mid-Century style is all about smart and stylish household items — and barware is no exception. Opt for a bar set complete with a martini shaker, jigger, and ice bucket, or a set of well-designed crystal tumblers to beautifully serve their favorite cocktails.

3. Record Player

Make them the proud owner of a record player that turns listening to their favorite tunes into a ritual. From sleek, contemporary models to wooden turntables, a record player will quickly have a special place in their vintage-loving heart. For bonus points, gift this with a couple of their favorite albums on vinyl to get their record collection started.

4. Mid-Century Accent Chair

No one is a true Mid-Century fanatic without a sleek and ergonomic 60s-style chair to kick back in. A wood, upholstered, or wire chair is the ideal accent in a mid-century living room. This gift is perfect for helping someone furnish their space and add style to a new home.

5. Pop Art Graphic Print

A great graphic print can be the start of a beautiful gallery wall or a stand-alone statement piece in their space. Opt for a canvas print boasting the bright colors and geometric elements of Mid-Century style.

6. Starburst Clock

Any Mid-Century Modern connoisseur will appreciate the work of George Nelson, famous for his starburst clock designs. Give them this practical and stylish piece to add flair in their Mid-Century space.

7. Mid-Century Throw Pillows

Mid-Century style is rooted in an amazing variety of textures and patterns. Help your friend make their home comfortable and chic with the look of throw pillows in crushed velvet and eye-catching patterns. Add to décor intrigue by giving a mix of patterns and textures for an eclectic vibe.

8. Mid-Century Modern Table Lamp

Whether they’re in need of sleek task lighting for their workspace or an extra glow in the den, a mid-century style table lamp will brighten up their decor. For a distinctly Mid-Century modern look, choose a tripod table lamp or sputnik style lamp.

9. Bright Throw

Keep it cozy with a bright throw that warms them up and accents their space. Try chunky knit tweed as a nod to Mid-Century Modern style’s fabric of choice, or choose wool for extra texture and warmth.

10. Metallic Coasters

If your giftee is classy and takes care of their well-curated furniture, let them set their drinks down in style with the cool shine of metallic coasters. The touch of polished metal pairs perfectly with their Mid-Century decor, or adds flair if they’re just getting started with their retro interior.

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