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Top Euro Pillow Cover Styles

by Amanda Mears

Tailored Euro shams look modern and fresh

Measuring in at 26 inches by 26 inches, Euro pillows are the older sibling of standard throw pillows used to accent everything from beds to couches. These oversized pillows are loved for their versatility and the bold impact they create in any room. A Euro pillow insert is typically sold separately from Euro pillow shams, but both are essential for decorating. Removable Euro pillow shams make it easy to change your look and are simple to clean. When you're in the mood for a whole design style, Euro pillows and pillow covers are an affordable option. Keep reading to learn more about the top Euro pillow cover styles.

Top Euro Pillow Shams:

  1. Classic style: If your home is simple and classic, try a tailored Euro pillow sham in a solid color. These timeless accent pillows match well with tailored bedskirts and will turn your bed into a cozy centerpiece. The simplicity of a tailored Euro sham will look equally stylish on a bed or on a decorative bench in your home. For a dressier look, try a classic Euro pillow cover with eyelet trim or a ruffled edge that has the same classic feel as tailored style, but will match timeless quilts and coverlet bedding.

  2. Contemporary flair: Euro pillows make a great canvas when you want to add aesthetic interest to your home. If your style is eclectic, look for unique Euro pillow covers that will echo your individuality. Add edge to a boring bedroom with leather Euro pillow shams or pick a patterned pillow cover with bright colors to draw attention; either way, you'll get a bed makeover that won't cost a lot of money.

  3. Just for kids: Playful Euro shams for kids infuse a child's room with color and character. Oversized Euro pillows make a perfect prop for reading in bed and can replace a headboard with a soft, plushy surface. To match themed kids' quilts, pick up a pair of patchwork-quilt Euro pillow covers or help your child be the coolest kid on the block with Euro pillow covers that feature bright patterns like polka dots or stars.

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