Top 10 Boho Style Gifts

Top 10 Boho Style Gifts

The Top Boho Style Gifts

Without a doubt, they’re flower child fabulous with a love for mismatched beauty that speaks from the heart. So why not give a gift or two that’s as earthy and free-spirited as they are? Help them create their home sanctuary while channelling good vibes with our top ten picks for boho gifts.


Macrame Wall Hangings for a Trendy Boho Gift

woven wall hanging

Give their wall decor a subtle update, but make it boho with a woven tapestry made from natural fibers. A small hand-woven tapestry adds depth to a gallery wall, while a larger statement piece looks striking on its own. Bumps and bobbles — all part of the appeal of this wabi-sabi wall art style — give a nod to the natural world, making it a boho gift that’s equally as one-of-a-kind as your giftee.


Pouf Ottomans for an Any-room Accent Piece

leather pouf ottoman

Pouf ottomans make a fun, funky gift for the free spirit on your list. While traditional ottomans have rigid forms, poufs tend to be more organic in shape. Look for natural materials like leather or jute that are less processed than polyester for a gift that aligns with your boho giftee’s worldview. Whether the pouf becomes a side table in the painting studio or a floor pillow in the lounge, it will feel right at home in any boho space.


String Lights for Dreamy Ambiance

boho indoor string lights

Transform a formerly dreary room to delightfully dreamy in an instant with the soft glow of some light decor. Give your boho friend the gift of ambience with string lights, string paper lanterns or tiny twinkle lights. Indoor string lights are versatile, looking just as majestic when lighting up a mason jar on the night stand as when they line a room’s ceiling. Whether your giftee adds a relaxing element to their bedroom or a flair of magic to their backyard, string lights will inspire their creative spirit.


Abstract Tapestries for Flowy Textures

Tapestry Wall Art in boho bedroom

When it comes to boho style, the more texture, the merrier. Add a delicate drape to your giftee’s wall when you give a painted or dyed tapestry. Once a gentle breeze disrupts the fabric, the fleeting movement becomes living art — just the way your boho giftee likes it. Whether you choose a mandala pattern or an intricate print, it’s just the bohemian gift to style any blank wall.


Wooden Bowls for Eclectic Knick-Knacks

organic shaped wooden bowl

A beautiful wooden bowl can have thousands uses, whether she’s serving a favorite dish or displaying decor accessories. Wooden bowls come in many shapes and sizes, but some are more boho than others. Details that disrupt the bowl’s symmetry, such as live edges or an irregular shape, enhance this boho gift even more.


Salt Lamps for a Relaxing Glow

LED salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamps offer a beautiful pink glow, but they’re also said to be natural air purifiers. No matter what benefit your giftee reaps from this treasure, it’s a piece of home decor that’s both unmistakably earthy and subtly soothing. Because your giftee is eco-minded to their core, choose a lamp that comes with a sustainable LED bulb.


Geode Art to Celebrate Natural Aesthetics

geode canvas art in a boho room

Both bright and down to earth, the mesmerizing depth of a geode gives an edge to any space. While a naturally formed geode can be hard to find, decor items inspired by their colorful crystalline beauty are a go-to boho gift ideas. Whether you choose rock slice coasters, quartz accent pieces or a hi-def photograph, these gems are a natural choice.


Planters & Terrariums for Boho Plant Parents

ceramic + metal wall planters

Any boho aficionado knows that nature belongs inside as much as it does out. Help them bring their home to life with a planter or terrarium that makes nature chicer than ever. Hanging glass orbs work well for air plants, while geometric terrariums allow your giftee to build a low-maintenance ecosystem. For a boho gift that will surely elevate their home’s natural beauty, give a wall-mounted planter for cascading greenery.


Handmade Blankets to Keep Her Cozy

woven throw blanket

Help her cozy up in style with a throw blanket that showcases either earthy colors, such as cream, taupe or sienna. Exotic patterns will also pique your giftee’s eclectic fascination. A cozy throw will not only add to her mix of worldly home decor but also become her favorite gift to curl up with. Rather than picking something mass-produced, pick a hand-woven textile so that her gift is totally unique.



Jewelry Boxes for Her Worldly Treasures

handmade brass jewelry box

Give her hippie-chic jewelry the perfect place to land when you gift a handmade jewelry box. Whether hand-carved wood or stone, a jewelry box is both useful and beautiful, and she’ll appreciate this one-of-a-kind artisan gift. Look for a box with compartments and a lining so her jewelry stays organized and protected.

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