Top 5 Window Treatments for Small Apartments

Top 5 Window Treatments for Small Apartments

white window treatments in a living room
Decorating a small space can be a challenge, especially when it comes to window treatments. However, there are plenty of ideas to choose from, including valances, window blinds and other modern window treatments, that will suit your home. Read on to learn about the top five window treatments for small apartments.
white window treatments in a living room

The Top 5 Window Treatments:


Drapes and curtains.

Drapes and curtains are two of the most common window treatments in any home. They can help you increase energy efficiency by keeping warmth inside and still complement your existing decor. If you have small windows in your apartment, you may want to look for short, ruffled curtains that don’t overwhelm the room. Drapes made of sheer fabric can make even a tiny bedroom seem airy and spacious. You can even add draped fabric along the sides of windows and spruce them up with tassels or other curtain decorations for a trendier look.


Louvered or Venetian blinds.

Louvered or Venetian blinds are horizontally slatted blinds that are adjusted and opened using an attached cord. These window blinds come in various sizes and styles to fit nearly any window, and you can find blinds made of vinyl, wood, aluminum and bamboo to suit your style.



. Valances are very short drapes that only cover the top third of a window and are a great way to add elegance to your home. These window treatment ideas are simple, but they can add color and style to any room. Valances also offer the benefit of covering the rods and other hardware used to install modern window treatments.



Shades offer privacy and keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you want to keep your space dark, consider blackout shades; they block virtually all outside light from the room. Shades don’t have to be boring, either; you can find these bedroom or kitchen window treatments made of fabric, bamboo and paper.


Window film.

Window film offers security and privacy. It also increases energy efficiency in your apartment by blocking some of the heat and glare caused by sunlight. While you may not want to use window film for kitchen window treatments, this clear insulating material will work well in your bedroom or even in your living room; it can also keep heat in your apartment during the winter.