Top 5 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts

by Cody Hudson
Published January 10, 2014 | Updated January 15, 2016

Chocolates and flowers are Valentine's Day standbys, but maybe you're looking for something a little less traditional this year. Straying from standard gifts will show that you're thoughtful, and that you put time and effort into the gift. If you've been together for a while, show your partner that you know them better than anyone else. If you haven't been together long, give them a gift that they will always remember.

Get Creative This Valentine's Day:

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  1. Concert Tickets

    Music is the language of love. A live show is always a great date, whether you're seeing a band you both love, or you're biting the bullet and seeing a performance to indulge your partner. Take them to see their favorite band, and maybe you'll leave with a new favorite song to share.

  2. A Coffee Table Book

    There is an entirely different kind of romanticism involved in turning through the pages of a beautiful art book. Find a book that pertains to their interests to show that you are a thoughtful listener. A coffee table book will serve as a talking piece and hopefully remind them of you each time they peruse its pages.

  3. Vintage Jewelry

    Jewelry is an old favorite on Valentine's Day, but there is a way you can make it more exciting and thoughtful. A piece of vintage jewelry will be a unique statement piece that your partner won't see on anyone else.

  4. Video Streaming

    Watching a movie with your significant other can be very romantic (depending on the movie), which is why a night at the cinema has long been a staple of date night. In the last few years, video streaming has revolutionized the way you can watch movies at home, and a video streaming box is a great new way to share a movie night.

  5. Wine or Whiskey

    If nothing else seems to fit, high quality consumables are always a great gift. If you're lucky, they will share with you, and that always makes for a fun night. Give this with the appropriate glassware if he or she doesn't already have a good set, so the gift can be enjoyed properly.

Gifting Tip:

The most important thing to consider when shopping this Valentine's Day is what your partner actually likes and wants -- an amazing present for one person may be a dud for another. Think outside the box, but do it thoughtfully.