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Top 5 Types of Shower Faucets

by Paul Sanders

Rain shower fixture in a modern bath

Your bathing experience depends largely on the type of bathroom faucets you're using. Different types of shower faucets fit different types of preferences. If high water-pressure is important to you, you might prefer adjustable showerheads that let you select the perfect pressure. There are multiple shower faucets that add luxury and function to your bathroom, as well. Here are five faucets you can consider when planning a bathroom remodel.

Types of Shower Faucet:

  1. Fixed showerheads: Traditional fixed showerheads are the most common shower faucets because they can connect easily to plumbing fixtures without additional hardware.

  2. Shower handsets: Handset shower faucets are usually connected by a flexible hose, but they can be mounted and used just like a fixed showerhead.

  3. Ceiling-mounted faucets: Ceiling-mounted shower faucets are typically rain-drop showerheads mounted in your shower ceiling. Water rains down, at medium or low pressure, using gravity to shower you from directly above.

  4. Shower panels: Shower panels are a lesson in bathing luxury, featuring multiple jet nozzles that shower your body with multiple sprays. Install a single wall panel or multiple small jet-panels along your shower walls and ceiling.

  5. Adjustable showerheads: Adjustable shower faucets often have multiple settings, including high-pressure and pulsating massage settings. You adjust the water flow and spray pattern to suit your preferences.

Shower Faucet Tip:

  1. Before selecting shower faucets, be sure to note any remodeling, if any, you may need to perform to accommodate your new features.

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