Top 4 TVs for Christmas

Top 4 TVs for Christmas

Seasonal sales and deep discounts on electronics make this the perfect time of year to buy a stunning new TV for yourself or as a Christmas gift. Check out these five popular types of TVs to find the perfect set that will meet your needs.

With how quickly technology advances nowadays, a sleek new television or streaming device is always a welcome gift for the tech-savvy TV watcher on your Christmas list. From ultra high-definition TVs to smart TVs that open up your access to streaming services, you can find the perfect fit for everyone at the perfect price. This guide will make gift giving easier as you learn about the best TV options for Christmas.

Best TVs to Buy for Christmas:

1. 4K UHD TVs

Heralded as the new standard of high-def home entertainment, Ultra High-Definition TVs have a razor-sharp picture thanks to their 3840 x 2160 resolution. That’s four times the pixels previously available in an HDTV. 4K is the newest high-definition standard adopted across the television and entertainment industry and refers to the approximately 4,000 pixel width of this HD resolution. Certain video game systems, streaming services, and ultra Blu-ray players are already using this 4K standard to bring a higher quality entertainment experience to your home. If you want to buy a television that’s already equipped for the future of high-definition, then look no further than UHD TVs.


OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode and is a significant improvement over regular LED TV technology. OLED TVs are also thinner and lighter than LCD TVs, while at the same time able to display deeper blacks and achieve a higher contrast ratio. These perks make for an improved picture from every viewing angle. These TVs are top-of-the-line and have a price tag to match, so if this technological marvel tickles your fancy, then be ready to spare no expense for the best TV available.

3. Smart TVs

Don’t worry, a smart TV isn’t going to listen in on your conversations or become self-aware, but it will make watching your favorite movies and shows easier than ever. Smart TVs come with built-in access to some of the most popular streaming and on-demand services, such as Netflix and Hulu. By connecting to your home Wi-Fi, this TV can instantly access your most-used subscriptions with just a few clicks of the remote. Smart TVs make great gifts due to their convenience and ease-of-use. Pick this TV up and bring a smile to someone on your Christmas list this year.

4. LED TVs

LED televisions are LCD TVs with improving backlighting technology that creates a better picture and uses less power. Old LCD technology has been abandoned in favor of this newer, more efficient method, so most LCD sets are now just known as LED TVs. LED flatscreens are some of the most affordable displays currently being produced and range in size to fill spaces large and small. An LED TV makes a reliable, high-tech gift that won’t break the bank for the TV hungry person on your list.