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Top 5 Swiss Army Watches


If you're shopping around for a classic watch but don't know where to begin -- look no further than Swiss Army. With a reputation for durable and stylish timepieces, the Swiss Army brand makes watches that can withstand the wear and tear of daily life. No matter which style you choose, Swiss Army men's watches and Swiss Army women's watches are a great choice because of their effortless wearability. Below are the top five Swiss Army watches to help you narrow down your search for the perfect watch.

Best Swiss Army Watches:

  1. The Chrono Classic XLS: This watch has 12-hour, 60-minute, and 60-second counters as well as 1/10-second timer. When you need an alarm, the Chrono Classic XLS has you covered. The perfect mid-size watch, this Swiss Army watch also houses a date display in its resilient stainless steel casing. Bold white numbers on a black background make it easy to tell time without sacrificing style.

  2. The Convoy: From the makers of the authentic Swiss Army knife comes this sturdy chronograph titanium men's watch. It features three links for adjustable sizing and anti-reflective treatment to reduce glare. Although it looks substantial, this watch has a lightweight feel perfect for everyday wear.

  3. The Divemaster 500: Made of stainless steel, the Divemaster 500 is a Swiss Army watch for the true adventurer. With a water resistance rating of 500 meters, this timepiece also has luminous hands and hour markers as well as a date display and military time. A black dial and matte finish add a luxury watch feel to this ultimate sport watch.

  4. The Alliance: Gleaming stainless steel casing makes this Swiss Army watch ideal for the office or any occasion where you need to add a bit of polish to your appearance. Three chronograph functions and silver-tone index hands work harmoniously to keep the time and keep you looking good.

  5. The Ambassador XL: An oversized watch that boasts simple sophistication, the Ambassador XL is the ultimate accessory. With a leather strap for added comfort and durability, this Swiss Army watch features a sapphire crystal on the dial for a touch of added refinement.

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