Top 5 Simmons Mattress Models

simmons mattress on a bed
If you're tired of a lackluster bed, it might be time for a Simmons mattress. One of the oldest mattress companies in the U.S., Simmons Bedding Company has been producing mattresses since 1870. The iconic Beautyrest line of mattresses was introduced in 1925 and has become the base model for all modern Simmons mattresses. The patented pocketed coil design that is a standard on all Beautyrest mattresses ensures you'll get a supportive and plush mattress no matter which model you choose. Whether you're new to the Simmons brand or are looking to replace a well-loved Simmons mattress, keep reading for more information about the top 5 Simmons mattress models.

simmons mattress on a bed

Top Simmons Mattress Models:



This Beautyrest mattress has all the classic technology of a premium Simmons mattress with a few updated extras. The pocketed coil springs mold to your shape and minimize sleep disturbances. For extra comfort, the Classic mattress model comes with the option of a plush pillow-top and comes in all sizes.



This innerspring mattress is slightly denser than the Classic model, for a firmer sleeping surface. The Anniversary mattress features a standard foam encasement that maximizes sleeping surfaces and makes your mattress more durable. To make this mattress even softer, opt for a premium foam pillow-top version made with memory foam.



The first Simmons mattress to feature Smart Response pocketed coil technology, the Elite mattress is ideal for people who suffer from back problems or stiff joints. The addition of latex foam also helps with motion control while increasing durability and comfort.


World Class

The World Class mattress model was introduced with the highest density pocketed coil springs for the most support and best body weight distribution. Like the Anniversary mattress model, the World Class mattress from Simmons has a foam encasement, but it also comes with a wider range of premium options, like an eco-friendly latex foam pillow top and foam quilting on top.


NxG Series

The most premium Simmons mattress model, the NxG series has a classic pocketed coil design and is topped with luxury fabrics and memory or latex foam layers. As the most luxurious innerspring mattress in the Simmons mattress collection, the NxG Series has no-flip construction and a patented Even-loft covering for a more breathable mattress that stays cool.