Top 5 Showerhead Styles

by Paul Sanders


When you're designing a new bathroom or making over an old one, the shower fixtures are important to think about. You have plenty of styles of showerheads to choose from, so now is your chance to make taking a shower more luxurious. Every showerhead style provides a different look to your bath and a different bathing experience.

Choose a Showerhead Style:

  1. Classic: Antique or classic fixtures, like an old-style brass or bronze showerhead with ornate curves, can add a rustic feel to a bathroom. Mixing classic chrome hardware with porcelain handles is reminiscent of early to mid-20th century baths. Classic fixtures can provide a visually pleasing contrast when mixed with contemporary color schemes and materials, or you could style the whole room in a traditional look. This is especially attractive in an older home where you are designing in a vintage style that's true the era the house was built in.

  2. Rainfall shower heads: A rainfall showerhead is named for the rain-like experience it provides. Typically, the shower head will have a wide surface area, with a large number of perforations. This design has the effect of the water raining down on you in a large quantity, but without a great deal of pressure. Combining a rain showerhead with other fixtures will create a luxurious experience.

  3. Shower panels: Shower panels usually consist of several nozzles or jets, either on a single wall panel or distributed on the shower ceiling or walls. The result is an all-over bathing experience using modern technology. This is another style that is exceptional when combined with other showerheads.

  4. Multifunction: Multifunction showerheads are ideal for those who like a customized bathing experience. Typically, they are handheld and adjustable. You can choose from multiple settings, including pulsating massage and low-flow pressure. Ideal for families, multifunction showerheads can provide a gentle stream for kids or a high-pressure flow for adults.

  5. Handheld: For help with bathing and cleaning, install a handheld showerhead. Handheld shower heads detach from the wall so the nozzle can be used to reach every area of the tub, making it ideal for people who suffer from injuries or arthritis. Handheld nozzles typically have a higher water pressure that rain-style shower heads, so if you prefer a hard stream of water while showering, it could be the right choice for you.

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