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Top 5 Reasons Your GPS Can Save Gas and the Planet

by Paul Sanders

Woman using a car GPS

The reasons for using a GPS in your car keep piling up. Chances are you spend a lot of time on the road, getting to work and back, running errands and having a little bit of fun. All of that road time puts wear and tear on your vehicle, and filling up can drain your wallet. Luckily, a car GPS can help you save time, improve your gas mileage and reduce your environmental impact. Here are the top five reasons to use GPS navigation to boost your gas mileage, save money and add a few more minutes to each day.

Saving Gas and Time with GPS:

  1. GPS navigation can decrease drive time. Your GPS can often offer you a better route from point A to point B. That means a shorter driving distance, which saves you time. Also, a route with fewer starts and stops can increase your gas mileage.

  2. GPS can give you live traffic data. Many car GPS systems offer live traffic data, which you can use to plan a better route around the congested areas. You'll burn a lot less gas if you're not stuck with your engine idling in gridlock.

  3. Good directions keep you from getting lost. Driving around in circles is like sending time, gas and money down the drain. Your GPS can get you to the right destination the first time; and if you're lost, a GPS can get you back on track faster by automatically plotting new routes to take you to your destination. With lane-by-lane guidance and spoken directions, you'll be less likely to miss your off-ramp, too. Fewer navigation mistakes means less back-tracking and more gas saved.

  4. Driving less helps the environment. Shorter distances, avoiding traffic and never getting lost in unfamiliar neighborhoods and cities: It all adds up to driving fewer miles and your vehicle burning less gas. By reducing your driving time and distance, a GPS system can reduce your vehicle's emissions.

  5. Using GPS can put fewer miles on your car. Time and mileage savings add up in the long run, which means your GPS can actually help your car last longer. Your GPS can save you minutes and miles each day, extending the life of your engine and vital components.

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