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Top 5 Reasons to Drive a Hybrid Car

by Ken Davies

Happy hybrid

There are many good reasons to consider driving a hybrid vehicle. Some are for the benefit of the planet, some involve national security and self-sufficiency, but many others are directly related to the pleasure, comfort and satisfaction a hybrid vehicle offers. Let's take a look at five good reasons to drive a hybrid car.

The Top 5:

  1. Reduce fuel consumption: Plain and simple, hybrid vehicles use less fuel than standard vehicles. With today's gas prices, every gallon of gas that you save puts a considerable amount of money back in your pocket. Not only is that a financial boon for you, it's also a plus for our environment because your hybrid car is putting fewer emissions into the air. It's good for our nation, too, as it reduces our dependency on foreign oil.

  2. Increase long-term savings: Besides all of the fuel savings, a hybrid vehicle can save you even more money in the long run. Generally speaking, the cost of insuring hybrid automobiles is about 10 percent less than an equivalent model with a standard gasoline engine. In addition, hybrid cars maintain a much higher resale value, meaning when it's time to sell or trade in your hybrid, your next hybrid will cost less.

  3. Build a bridge to the future: The more hybrid cars that are purchased by consumers, the greater the market becomes. When the volume of sales of hybrid automobiles increases, the auto industry places greater value on creating better and less expensive hybrid vehicles for the future. Because of their rapidly increasing popularity, several major auto manufacturers now produce, or have announced plans to produce, at least one hybrid car.

  4. Enjoy special benefits: Because federal, state and local governments have identified hybrid vehicles as key to reducing pollution, they are offering some appealing benefits to consumers who drive them. Besides benefiting from federal and state tax write-offs, drivers of hybrid cars can use carpool lanes or other privileged traffic lanes in many metropolitan areas, regardless of the number of passengers. Some areas even offer perks such as free parking and free bridge tolls for hybrid drivers.

  5. Flaunt your image as an ecologically aware motorist: While there are many material benefits in choosing a hybrid car, you'll also enjoy the satisfaction of showing off your environmental awareness to all who see you greenly cruising along. Many states even issue license plates indicating that your vehicle is helping to cut down on pollutants. By flaunting your ecological attentiveness, you may be influencing others to take an active role in making tomorrow's environment a better place for future generations.

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