Top 5 Reasons to Choose Bamboo Furniture

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Bamboo Furniture

Natural resources are being depleted, so what makes bamboo furniture a "green," eco-friendly furniture choice? Some bamboo species grow, well, like weeds! They grow quickly and are known for spreading into other areas. Bamboo grows over 10 times faster than most hardwoods, making bamboo furniture a great way to furnish your home and help keep forests intact. Aside from the fact that bamboo furniture is sustainable, there are plenty of other reasons why bamboo furniture is a great fit for your home.

Reasons to Choose Bamboo:



Bamboo furniture can withstand everyday use. It is far more resistant to damage than traditional hardwoods. Bamboo is even used in cutting boards for this reason; it can take the beating of repeated knife use and still remain beautiful, and bamboo is gentler on knife blades than other woods. This comes in handy if you are plan on giving a bamboo chair a good deal of use.


Resistance to Swelling and Shrinking

Bamboo furniture won’t swell or shrink due to atmospheric changes. For this reason, outdoor furniture made from bamboo withstands the change from humid to dry air and changes in temperature.



Here’s a cool fact: Bamboo’s tensile strength is 28,000 per square inch versus 23,000 for steel. Bamboo fibers are also used to strengthen composite materials. What is the key to bamboo’s strength? Bamboo grows straight; no other trees grow as straight as bamboo. There are “knuckles,” but these variances are consistent and dense and don’t weaken the bamboo’s structure. When laminated, bamboo’s strength is enhanced, and the lamination provides another layer against the wear and tear of use. Bamboo furniture is stronger than most furniture than you have in your home. Instead of feeling that you are settling on furniture for a good cause, remember that you are actually getting more resilient furniture when you choose bamboo furniture.



Bamboo home furniture comes in more varieties of styles and finishes than before. Furniture designers are using bamboo in innovative designs, either in all-bamboo or composite materials. You can find bamboo chairs, bamboo beds, bamboo bar stools, bamboo headboards and bamboo flooring, just to start. They even make bamboo sheets.



Bamboo furniture has a fine grain and is available in many stains and finishes. Your style doesn’t need to be compromised when you add fashionable bamboo furniture and accessories to your home.