Top 5 Purse Styles

Top 5 Purse Styles

Top 5 Purse Styles
A woman's purse is more than just a way to carry her essentials; handbags are a fashion accessory and sometimes even the focal point of an ensemble. Whether you prefer to carry the hottest new designer handbag over your arm or you're looking for a simple classic, finding the right handbag to accessorize your look is important. There are many different styles and types of purse available. Read on to learn about the top 5 purse styles and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe.
Top 5 Purse Styles

Best Purse Styles:



One of the most popular handbag styles is the hobo bag. Typically larger in size, hobos make it easy to carry everything from your car keys to a water bottle and even an extra jacket. The signature crescent shape of hobo bags makes them both visually appealing and easy to carry. As the name suggests, hobos have an easy, bohemian appeal that makes them perfect for summertime strolls to the farmer’s market or running to dinner on a crisp autumn evening. Look for leather hobo bags as well as canvas and even fun floral prints to complement a simple dress and gladiator sandals.



This style of purse is defined by its more structured shape and north-south orientation. Satchels are typically made of either leather or a heavy fabric, such as canvas. A chic leather satchel is the perfect purse for the office, and it looks just as good when you’re headed out for after-work drinks as well. Pair your satchel with a tailored coat or classic sweater and skirt ensemble for a sophisticated look.



A cute baguette bag embodies the classic “it bag.” Designed to mimic the shape of a loaf of bread, this style of small purse is cute, easy and carefree. The short strap of a baguette bag makes it a true handbag rather than a shoulder bag. Baguette purses provide a simple, easy way to carry your belongings, making them the perfect bag for a lunch with friends or a quick drink after work.



A clutch is a chic strapless purse that looks best when paired with a stunning cocktail dress. Whether you’re going dancing or headed to a formal party or wedding, a clutch will look chic, and you won’t have to worry about carrying a large or heavy purse. Clutches are designed to be just large enough for your essentials: a wallet, lipstick and car keys.



Perhaps the most versatile style of purse, tote bags are also one of the most popular. A tote can range from a simple cloth bag to a large leather handbag. Like satchels, totes are more structured than hobos but are also designed with plenty of space inside. Carry a tote when you’re headed to the store or even to the office.