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Did You Know:

  • Worldstock products ship carbon neutral.
  • All net profits fund philanthropic projects.
  • Over $100 million has been returned to artisans.

The Worldstock Fair Trade store is a great place to find unique items from throughout the world. Most products are handmade by artisans who employ local traditions and techniques, offering you a large collection of cultural designs and products. Here is a list of the best products to buy through Worldstock Fair Trade.

Top 5 Worldstock Products:

  1. Clothing: World designs are a big trend in fashion right now. Why not try the real thing and buy a few pieces of Worldstock clothing? From tunics to dresses, you can find designs from all over the world to fill your closet. These handmade clothes are high-quality and one-of-a-kind pieces you won't find at the mall. Look for fun accessories to add to your wardrobe, too, like hand-woven scarves and bags.

  2. Furniture: If you're looking to freshen up your home decor, consider purchasing handmade furniture. There are endless furniture-making techniques from throughout the world, each with its unique charms. You can choose a small accent piece, like a side or coffee table, or you can furnish a whole room or house with high-quality, handmade designs from many countries.

  3. Jewelry: There's a huge market for handmade jewelry, and when you buy handmade from Worldstock, you're getting something with a cultural touch to it as well. World jewelry showcases local artistic traditions since jewelry has a deep history in nearly every culture in the world. You'll find jewelry made with hard-to-find local materials as well, including gemstones and shells.

  4. Rugs: Many of the area rugs you'll find in the Worldstock store are handmade, featuring some of the oldest and most detailed techniques in the world, including hand-knotting. Worldstock rugs are beautiful creations for your home, showcasing high-quality craftsmanship and design. Among the handmade rugs, you'll find authentic Persian rugs, some of the most sought-after rugs in the world.

  5. Gifts: What better way to show someone you care than to share the world's most beautiful designs with them? Consider giving a friend a journal with handmade papers and a matching pen, or entertain your children with games and toys from different cultures. Decorative home accessories from around the world -- like throw pillows, figurines, or vases -- also make excellent gifts.

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