Top 5 Platform Bed Styles

Top 5 Platform Bed Styles
If you thought all platform beds were contemporary, then it's time to take another look. While many platform beds share a similar style, several designs are actually available. They all share one main feature: The mattress sits on a flat platform, made of either slats or a solid surface. There's no need for a box spring, making platform beds especially suited for use with a memory foam mattresses. With all of the platform bed styles available, you'll be able to find one that's perfect for your bedroom.

Top 5 Platform Bed Styles

Best Platform Bed Styles:


Upholstered platform beds for a classic Hollywood style:

With an upholstered headboard, the platform bed is softer and has a more feminine feeling. If the upholstery is tufted, it adds even more glamour to the look. Often, even the side rails and the foot of the bed frame are upholstered, too, which really makes a style statement. You’ll see platform beds upholstered in fabric as well as leather, usually in pretty shades of white or grey.


Contemporary platform beds for a Scandinavian style:

A contemporary platform bed’s style draws inspiration from traditional Scandinavian designs with simple, unfussy lines. Contemporary platform beds are typically made with mahogany or oak wood and are designed with very short legs for a sleek overall look. This style creates a soothing and peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom.


Wood platform beds for a rustic style:

Nothing brings the rustic feeling of a woodsy cabin to your bedroom like seeing the beautiful grain of the wood in your bed frame. Wood platform beds may be stained light or dark, but the grain and the knots should show to achieve the look. Dress the bed in grey flannel or even plaid bedding to complete the design.


Storage platform beds for an efficient style:

A storage bed has a set of shelves or drawers nestled directly under the mattress. These beds can be designed in all types of styles and may be raised higher than traditional platform beds to accommodate extra storage space. Keep clothes, shoes, and other personal necessities in the drawers for close and easy access and create a feeling of efficiency.


Eco-friendly platform beds for a natural style:

Platform beds made with bamboo wood are an eco-conscious version of traditional platform beds, providing durable and sturdy beds that are also environmentally friendly. Bamboo is one of Earth’s fastest growing plants and is therefore a renewable resource. Bamboo platform beds are great for homeowners who want to create natural bedrooms.

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