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Top 5 Places to Put Cat Beds

Top 5 Places to Put Cat Beds

Cats sleep twice as much as humans, and kittens sleep even more. Luckily, cat beds are a great option for cat owners who want to help their kitty get the best rest possible. Like humans, cats need plenty of rest, and disrupted or lack of sleep can be detrimental to your cat's health. Finding the right place to put those pet beds is important. It can be hard to get a cat to curl up in her new kitty bed, but these tips can help you find just the right place for your kitty to sleep.

How to Choose a Place for Cat Beds:


Notice Napping

The best way to get your kitty to sleep in a cat bed is to place it somewhere that she has already designated as a favorite napping place. Whether it is on the sofa, under the bed, or on the windowsill, your cat will likely continue sleeping wherever she sees fit, even if there is a snuggly pet bed for her somewhere else. Pay attention to your cat’s favorite places to nap, and first try place cat beds there. If she’s hesitant to curl up in her new bed, try placing cat treats in it or spraying it with catnip to entice her over.


Favorite Furniture

Have you ever noticed that your cat’s favorite place to nap is wherever you are? Whether you’re watching TV on the sofa or sleeping in your bed at night, your pet cat is sure to be snoozing close by, if not right on top of you. This is because cats are social creatures who like to be near you. Give your cat a pet bed on the arm of the sofa or next to your bed, so she can curl up comfortably next to you when you’re relaxing.


Somewhere Quiet

Cats like to be near you when you’re sitting or sleeping, but if the house is busy and noisy, your kitty will likely want somewhere quiet and secluded to sleep. Bedrooms are a great place to put cat beds for your kitty to sleep in during the day because bedrooms typically don’t get as much daytime use as other areas of your home. Even a quiet corner of your kitchen or home office can offer your kitty seclusion for afternoon cat naps.


Cat furniture:

Most cat owners purchase cat furniture for their pet along with cat beds. Your cat furniture can even become the perfect place for a cat bed. Many cats enjoy slumbering on top of or inside a cat condo or on flat perches in a cat tree. Make your kitty’s cat furniture even cozier with the addition of a pet bed.


A little elevation:

Many cats feel comfortable up high where they can see the entire room from their perch. This is why you’ll often find cats on the arms of sofas or even the tops of bookcases. When you’re choosing places to put a bed for your cat, consider placing it on top of furniture rather than on the floor. Windowsills let cats survey your home and the back yard all while snuggled up in a cat bed, and a heated cat bed can make a cold windowsill cozy for a kitty in the winter. The back of the sofa is soft, comfortable, and high enough for your kitty to feel secure.