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Top 5 Office Chair Materials

Top 5 Office Chair Materials

office chair materials

Office chair materials have more than aesthetic value; they also affect maintenance, cleaning, and the lifetime of the piece. Whether you want to enhance your existing office decor or find a durable, comfortable fabric for long hours, this guide will help you find an office chair material fit for your home.


Leather Office Chairs: Elegant and Long-Lasting

leather office chair

Classic leather communicates power and timeless style. When your goal is to impress clients and colleagues, it’s hard to beat leather office chairs. The supple texture and rich color depth of genuine leather add just the right touch of luxury to a professional space.


This upscale upholstery material is as durable as it is beautiful; with regular wipe-downs and occasional conditioning, it can last for decades. Leather’s natural pores help dissipate body heat, so you can work for hours and still feel fresh for your next meeting.


Faux Leather Office Chairs: Affordable and Attractive

faux leather office chair

Faux leather office chairs look like the real thing, but at a lower price point. Artificial leather is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane (PU) that’s stamped, waxed, and dyed to mimic the color and texture of genuine leather. This makes faux leather office chairs a great vegan alternative.


If you tend to run hot, keep in mind that the plastic content can retain heat. Artificial leather comes in an impressive array of colors and cleans easily with a damp cloth.


Mesh Office Chairs: Cool and Comfortable

mesh office chair

If you work in a warm office, mesh office chairs can help keep you cool. The open-weave material allows air to circulate constantly, dissipating body heat and preventing unsightly sweat marks. While comfortable, mesh chairs tend to look utilitarian rather than fashionable. They won’t enhance your existing office decor, but the durability makes them a breeze to clean.


Fabric Office Chairs: Wide Color and Pattern Selection

fabric office chair

Fabric office chairs come in a huge selection of colors, styles, and patterns, giving you complete creative freedom. Keep it luxe with a glam velvet task chair or embrace the understated elegance of linen. Upholstery materials like chenille, faux fur, and suede infuse your workspace with soft, cozy texture; they also require careful cleaning to maintain the luxurious pile. For more durable fabrics that are easy to spot clean, choose cotton or canvas for your office chair.


Wooden Office Chairs: Tough and Long-Lasting

wood office chair

Stable and durable, wooden office chairs are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. Desk chairs usually incorporate a hint of wood for a subtle, striking base. If you’re after a retro vibe, look for office chairs that feature contoured wooden backings on the seat and backrest. Most wooden desk and guest chairs integrate upholstery and padding for comfort.

When you’re designing an office, the chair you choose has a big impact on the overall vibe of the space. Check out our full guide to Office Chair Features and our Office Chair Sizing Guide for more ways to find a chair that speaks to you.