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Gardening Gifts for Mom to Give on Mother’s Day

Gardening Gifts for Mom to Give on Mother’s Day

mom in garden sitting on a stool with tool storage, a great mother's day garden gift

She loves to play in the dirt and watch things grow. Help your gardening mom cultivate her greenery with great Mother’s Day garden gifts that match her favorite hobby. Check out these gardening gifts for mom that are two green thumbs up.


Outdoor Furniture for Mom's Summer Garden Parties

crackled pattern metal garden table and chairs

If your mom has a patio or deck near her garden, an outdoor dining set is a Mother’s Day garden gift that helps her welcome friends and family to her happy place. If she regularly hosts big garden parties, consider giving a dining set for eight or more so that there are plenty of chairs for all. And if she’s more likely to sip lemonade with one friend at a time, two chairs and a small accent table will nestle right in to her vivacious garden. With her permission, set the table with a bouquet of flowers she grew for an extra special gardening gift for mom.


Tools to Take Mom’s Garden to New Heights

ergonomic trowel gardening gift for mom

With frequent use, gardening tools can easily break or wear out. The perfect gardening gift for mom could be a new trowel with an ergonomic handle or a larger watering can to add to her gardening bench – whatever will make her daily gardening hassle free and fun. Whether you choose a sprinkler or a composter, your mom will appreciate your thoughtful Mother’s Day garden gift.


Planters to Bring Her Garden Indoors

planter baskets mother's day garden gifts

Help your mom’s garden grow beyond the bounds of the flower beds. Why not give some planter pots as Mother’s Day garden gifts so she can plant her botanical babies around the house, too? Smaller ceramic planters can share the spotlight with her healthy herbs and flowers when placed on a windowsill. On the other hand, larger plants can easily be dressed up when placed in a woven basket. And for plants that will decorate the porch or patio, give your mom more space to cultivate with durable concrete or metal planters that both match her home’s exterior and withstand outdoor elements like wind and heavy rain.


Decor to Give Mom’s Garden a Special Touch

hanging birdhouse gardening gift for mom

A beautiful garden can be more than just flowers and plants. Help make her landscaping extra special with some decor elements as gardening gifts for mom. Stepping stones, a small fountain or a wind chime will all enhance the beauty of a garden without overpowering it. A few garden lights not only add a twinkle of style but also make it possible for your mom to enjoy her garden on a warm summer night. With a gnome or flamingo statue for a bit of kitsch or a bird feeder to attract wildlife, you can’t go wrong with a decorative Mother’s Day garden gift.


Tranquil Seating for Mom’s Backyard Eden

swinging bench mother's day garden gift

Your mom puts in all that hard work, so she should get the chance to enjoy it. Consider giving a gardening gift for mom that lets her bask in the beauty of her plants and landscaping. A garden bench creates a sunny spot for resting after an afternoon of weeding and sowing seeds. Meanwhile, a swing or hammock provides a relaxing place to read a book or take a snooze, whatever suits her fancy. Add weather-resistant cushions for a comfy Mother’s Day garden gift she’ll enjoy for years to come.

When you shop gardening gifts for mom on Overstock, you get quality and style that costs less. Want more meaningful Mother’s Day gift ideas? Read What to Get for Mother’s Day for more gifting tips.