Top 5 Most Popular Styles of Kitchen Sinks

Top 5 Most Popular Styles of Kitchen Sinks

double bowl stainless steel sink
double bowl stainless steel sink

With more options becoming available all the time, there is a wide selection of kitchen sinks to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a sink with a specific aesthetic appeal, a sink to match your current decor or a purely functional sink, the style of kitchen sink you choose is important. No longer are only certain styles of sinks the standard. As homes are becoming more customized, more people are choosing what they want instead of letting the developer decide. One of the most customized rooms is the kitchen, with the sink fast becoming one of the most integral parts of the design. The following are five of the most popular styles of kitchen sinks.

The Top 5 Kitchen Sinks:


Vessel sinks:

Also known as basin sinks, vessel sinks were once only used in the bathroom. Today, vessel sinks are becoming more popular for use in the kitchen. Basin sinks sit on top of, or slightly recessed in, the counter. Not only does this style of sink make an eye-catching statement; it also has a very functional side. Because it sits higher up on the counter, you no longer have to bend and hunch over the sink while you wash the dishes.


Prep/entertainment sinks:

Generally smaller, prep sinks are used not only for preparing food but also as an extra space for washing dishes, washing hands or even chilling wine. You can get a full-size sink with a prep sink attached; although, many people prefer to have a prep sink installed in the kitchen island.


Farmhouse sinks:

Also called apron sinks, farmhouse sinks are quickly increasing in popularity. As the name implies, a farmhouse sink mimics the style of a vintage rural kitchen sink with a deep, rectangular basin and an exposed front. Farmhouse sinks can be undermounted or be set on top of the counter. The style lacks a deck, so the hardware is generally mounted directly into the counter and can sit behind or to the side of the sink.


Trough sinks:

Trough sinks are large, multi-person sinks for family-style cooking and cleaning up. Trough sinks are large enough to accommodate multiple faucets, allowing for more preparation room or multiple people using it at the same time. These sinks are also great for gardening or craft projects.


Seamless sinks:

This style is called seamless because the sink and the countertop are one solid piece with no seams or difficult crevices to clean. The look of a seamless sink is very clean, minimal and modern. Seamless sinks can be customized to fit any specifications.