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Top 5 Most Comfortable Men’s Wedding Rings

Top 5 Most Comfortable Men’s Wedding Rings

Man's hands with gold ring on finger
For the man who hasn't worn jewelry much in the past, wearing a wedding ring can take some getting used to. However, there are rings available that have been specifically designed to be more comfortable, making the transition easier. As you're making wedding plans, look for these kinds of rings for the best possible wearing experience.
Man's hands with gold ring on finger

1. Plain Wedding Bands

Sharp edges and raised patterns on the outside of a ring can rub against your little and middle fingers. The smooth surface of a plain wedding band may cause less irritation. If you really have your heart set on a certain pattern, go with a laser-etched rather than a sculpted design for a sharp pattern with minimal texture.

2. Comfort-Fit Rings

Comfort-fit wedding bands are designed with a domed interior, which has less contact with the skin than a flat band. These rings are easier to slide past your knuckle and also trap fewer irritants against your skin, such as dirt or hand soap. Perhaps the most important advantage is that a comfort-fit ring’s curved interior edges can prevent the band from cutting into your finger.

3. Flush-Mounted Rings

Protruding gemstones may irritate your other fingers, especially if they are distributed around the band. Consider rings with flush-mounted stones to avoid this problem. A tension setting will also help keep a solitaire gemstone from rubbing against your skin if the ring rotates.

4. Industrial Metal Rigs

Titanium, tungsten and stainless steel rings have several advantages when it comes to comfort. Industrial metals don’t bend as easily as softer precious metals, so they are less likely to bend out of shape and pinch your finger. These metals are also hypoallergenic since fewer skin-irritating allergens are included in their manufacture. Of these three metals, titanium is the lightest – a quarter of the weight of gold – so it may be the least distracting to wear.

5. Industrial Metal Rigs

Wide wedding bands are a popular choice, but a thinner wedding bands are typically much lighter and more comfortable. A band that covers a third or less of the distance between knuckles will feel less bulky than a wider band or signet ring. You may not even feel a thin band while wearing it.


If wearing a ring is difficult while working with your hands, you might consider wearing yours on a chain around your neck.