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Top 5 Michael Kors Outfits to Buy

by Andrea Sparks

Women at a restaurant, wearing Michael Kors outfits

Your wardrobe says a lot about you, and when you wear Michael Kors, it says all the right things. Michael Kors combines current trends and classic styles into chic lines of women's clothing. When you're dressed in MICHAEL Michael Kors, you know you look good. The expansive design house of Michael Kors has a lot to offer, though, and sometimes it can be hard to know what pieces to buy and where to wear them. Read on to learn the top 5 Michael Kors outfits to buy and when to wear them.

Best Michael Kors Outfits:

  1. Out and about: There are few things that embody classic style more than Michael Kors outerwear. Layer a chic Michael Kors women's trench coat over nearly every outfit in your closet and step out looking stylish and put together. On colder days, swap your Michael Kors women's trench coat for some more substantial Michael Kors outerwear, like a wool walking coat or a double-breasted walking coat.

  2. Working woman: You want to look your best at the office, and Michael Kors women's clothing can help you do just that. Arrive at the office in style with a tailored Michael Kors blouse tucked into a sleek pencil skirt for a chic Michael Kors outfit that suits nearly every workplace. Michael Kors women's career clothing is designed to look professional but also up-to-date on current trends. With Michael Kors women's career clothing, you'll be the best dressed in the workplace.

  3. Weekend casual: Everyone needs some time to relax, and Michael Kors women's clothing offers styles that are relaxed and casual without sacrificing style. Pair some cute Michael Kors rolled up shorts with a lightweight blouse for a perfect summer weekend look, and swap it out with skinny jeans and a Michael Kors tank top for the evening.

  4. Date night: If there's a time you want to look good, it's when you're headed on a date. Slip on a pair of Michael Kors jeans with a chic tank top and a motorcycle jacket from Michael Kors if the evening consists of casual drinks or dinner and a movie. For a bit dressier date night look, swap the skinny jeans for a pencil skirt from MICHAEL Michael Kors and you're sure to impress your date.

  5. Dress it up: One of the best Michael Kors outfits you can own is a stylish Michael Kors dress. Like the rest of the brand, Michael Kors dresses play on classic shapes and contemporary styles to create timeless looks that you can wear anywhere from the office to a lunch with friends, a flirty date or a friend's wedding. With a classic sheath dress from Michael Kors in your closet, you can dress it up or down for nearly any event.

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