Top 5 Jewelry Gifts for Mother's Day


This Mother's Day, show your mom how much you appreciate her with beautiful jewelry. Whether she likes sparkling necklaces, colorful earrings, funky bracelets, or delicate pendants, this is a Mother's Day gift that will make her happy. If you're not sure what to get her, consider one of these popular gifts.

Mother's Day Jewelry Gifts:

  1. Heart jewelry: What better way is there to make it clear that you love your mom than with the symbol of love? Heart jewelry comes in many styles, so you can easily find something that suits your mom. Heart-shaped lockets are perfect for moms who favor a romantic style. Heart earrings have a playful, youthful look. A chunky bracelet with a single heart charm has a modern feeling to it. Look for a heart that has the word "mom" on it for a sentimental gift.

  2. Charm bracelets: Customize a charm bracelet for your mom and help her remember all the good times you've had as a family. From charms featuring the birthstones of her children to sterling silver symbols of her interests, the charms you use to personalize one of these bracelets will make this a meaningful gift she'll cherish.

  3. Gemstone earrings: From vibrant gems to earthy stones, gemstones can capture the spirit of any woman. The right pair of gemstone earrings can light up your mom's face -- when you give them to her and every time she wears them. Look for a pair in her favorite color.

  4. Birthstone jewelry: Whether it features her own birthstone or her kids', birthstone jewelry is a sweet way to celebrate Mom. If you're not sure which stones to shop for, consult this list of birthstone options for each month.

  5. Pearls: Timeless and feminine, pearl jewelry is a classic Mother's Day gift. Look for white pearl stud earrings for a mom who likes a tailored look. For a mom who likes to follow fashion, get a long pearl strand necklace. Colorful Tahitian pearl jewelry is perfect for a mom who likes to try something new.

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Updated March 3, 2015