Top 5 Items to Store in a Nightstand

Top 5 Items to Store in a Nightstand

mid-century modern wooden night stand Top 5 Items to Store in a Nightstand
Nightstands are more than just a convenient spot to place your alarm clock or bedside lamp. Nightstands with drawers provide the perfect location for must-have items sleepers need throughout the night. Although these items may vary from person to person, there are several common nightstand items that can eliminate frustration caused by getting in and out of bed. Check out this list of the top five items to store in a nightstand.
mid-century modern wooden night stand Top 5 Items to Store in a Nightstand

Eyeglasses or Medications

Depending on the sleeper, a bedside cabinet is a great place to store your eyeglasses or medications. After reading a book before bed, the nightstand offers a convenient place to put both your reading glasses and book until the next time they are desired. This useful piece of bedroom furniture keeps both items together, reducing the frustration of getting out of bed to locate either item.

A nightstand also provides an ideal location for holding necessary medications, such as pain relief, cold medicine, or vitamins. Remembering to take your medication before bed, or first thing in the morning, is easier when the items are clearly visible in your nightstand.

Journal or Diary

Aside from enabling you to write about the day’s events, keeping a journal or diary in the nightstand helps you keep track of any thoughts that pop into your head right before bed. Journals or diaries are useful for jotting down an important to-do list or cool ideas you think about just before falling asleep sleep while eliminating the need to get out of bed.

Some people find a journal or dairy convenient for keeping a sleep record or writing down their dreams each morning. For some sleepers, reading about past dreams helps provide insight about stress and sleep patterns.


Placing a flashlight in your bedside table comes in handy when the dog starts making funny noises in the middle of the night and you have to go check things out. This device also helps you out when the power goes off as a result of a storm or outage. Keeping this device near the bed can prevent injuries, such as a stubbed toe or bumped head, caused when you attempt to navigate your dark bedroom. Additionally, a flashlight ensures you are prepared in emergency situations such as burglaries or fires.

Beauty Items or Toiletries

Many sleepers perform beauty rituals prior to going to bed, and storing these items in your small nightstand adds convenience to the process. From night creams to moisturizers, the nightstand offers a handy place to keep your pre-bed beauty treatments organized and within arm’s length.

A nightstand also easily holds Kleenex, ChapStick, or eye drops for quick use without leaving the comfort of your bed. Waking up in the middle of the night with a running nose or dry lips can ruin a good night’s rest when you have to walk all the way to the bathroom. The nightstand keeps these items nearby for quick use to help you get back to sleep as quickly as possible.

Bedtime Hobby Item

Whether you prefer reading on your tablet or knitting, storing the supplies for your bedtime hobby in the nightstand allows you to keep them in one central place and prevents you from having to leave the bed. You might even sleep easier since items such as hand-held games, crossword puzzles, or books can help reduce stress before bed. In most cases, a tablet offers a combination of many hobby items, and placing the device in your nightstand keeps it within easy reach.