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Top 5 Ideas for Bridesmaid Gifts

by Brooke Bartlett

One meaningful way to honor the attendants in your wedding is to give them the perfect gift, one that is both special and useful. Your maid of honor and bridesmaids spend a lot of time helping you prepare for your big day. Give your bridesmaids gifts that suit their personalities and tastes, and use your wedding as an opportunity to thank each member of the wedding party for their love and support during such an important time in your life. Here are the five most popular gift ideas for bridesmaids.

Best Bridesmaid Gift Ideas:

  1. Earrings: Whether it's an elegant pair that she'll wear for the wedding or just a pretty pair that will remind her of the day, earrings make an excellent gift. You can choose to give the same earrings to each of your attendants, or you can individually select them; just be sure to give everyone something similar in quality, so no one feels slighted. Pearl earrings are a sophisticated, classic choice; although they can be worn during the wedding, your attendants will also be able to wear them for other formal events or even with casual attire.

  2. Bath robes: Preparing for a formal event typically means a lot of time will be spent getting ready. Give your bridesmaids soft, plush robes for a practical gift that will serve them well on the day of the wedding and beyond. Look for matching robes in your wedding colors or choose each girl's favorite color. Add a pair of matching slippers to enhance the gift.

  3. Tote bags: Whether your friends are still in school or hard at work in the business world, they are sure to appreciate roomy, functional tote bags. Purchase cute, functional bags in trendy colors and patterns that can be used for all the gear they need to bring to the wedding location and then reused as a beach bag or gym bag. Make the gift even more special with a cosmetic bag tucked inside.

  4. Photo frames: Choose a special picture frame for each attendant to put a group photo from the wedding in. Pewter, wood, or crystal frames will last a lifetime, and they fit into almost any home design. Choose your favorite wedding photo of you with all your bridesmaids to fill the frame.

  5. Spa gift baskets: Treat your friends to a spa gift basket they can use after all of the chaos of the wedding is behind you. They will appreciate the chance to unwind at home. Bath salts, bubble bath, shower gel, and a quality loofah make up a good basket, and you can personalize each basket with a bottle of perfume, too.

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Updated December 9, 2014